7 Sports Rules so Bizarre that Will Shock You

Top 7 Crazy Sports Rules-that Will Shock You - Lbsbet

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Before playing any sport, the first thing to learn is the rules. In football, you can’t use your hands. In basketball you can’t run with the ball, you have to dribble. Rules are necessary and both players and fans know perfectly these two rules mentioned. But there are many other sports rules that people are completely unaware of. And every now and then, a unique strange rule comes along that makes people scratch their heads. 

We will focus on some bizarre rulings, looking at 7 of the weirdest rules in sports. Which one is the strangest? Read on to discover the weirdest of them all!

🎾Tennis: All On

In tennis, if a player starts playing with a certain number of items of clothing, he/she must finish the match with them. For example, if a player plays with a cap on and the cap falls off, the point could be replayed, as the cap must be on the player’s head at all times.

⚽ Football: Disallow an Own Goal

In football, it is possible to score an own goal. The unusual thing about this rule is that an own goal can be canceled when a player takes a free-kick towards his own goal and the ball goes straight into the goal without anyone touching it. The referee is obliged to disallow the goal and give a corner kick to the opposing team. This rule also applies to indirect free kicks and corner kicks.

🏇Polo: On the Right

Another of the strangest rules of sports is in polo. Left-handed players are at a slight disadvantage because the rules of the game state that the mallet (or stick) must be held in the right hand in order to keep the game flowing.

🏃Athletics: Covered Torso

In athletics, if you take your shirt off, the penalty is disqualification from the competition. We know that this rule also exists in football, but if a player celebrates a goal by removing his shirt, he will only be penalised. 


⚾ Baseball: Strikeout Without a Single Pitch

In baseball, when a player refuses to take his position in the batter’s box for any reason, the umpire shall call a strike on the batter. If after that first strike the batter still isn’t getting the hint, the umpire can call another strike. If three strikes are called, the batter is out.

♛ Chess: Cleavage Rule

The European Union introduced in 2013 this rule for both women’s and men’s chess tournaments, on the basis that a cleavage is not ‘appropriate clothing’.  The rule states that only the first two buttons of a shirt may be open. Anything to avoid distracting the opponent…

🏌Golf: Ball Lodged in an Orange 

This rule is probably the strangest and at the same time most amusing rule of the ban on moving loose impediments in the game of golf. Rule 23/10 says that if the ball has lodged in an orange, you cannot take over without penalty. The player will have a penalty stroke.

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