A New Career Is Born: Pro Gamer

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Everybody is talking about the speedy growth of Esports, or the fast evolution of the videogames industry, and its several mods to develop new titles to launch in the market. But let’s focus on the most important element of this trending and huge sector that would be nothing without it: The player. The genius, in some cases. The Pro Gamer in others.

This collective, represented by the Millennials and Centennials generations (from 14 to 35 years) are now treated like heroes. But only a decade before it was totally the opposite. They were weird people, geeks, introverts, and antisocial. The fustration of their parents about their daily habits and attitude, made them strongly believe they would not have any professional future. But surprisingly for them, they were totally wrong.

Ten years ago, no one imagined that a person could become a professional in the world of gaming. Today this sector is turning teenagers into disciplined professionals.

Esports are already considered like a sport, and gamers are also seen as athletes. Video games are one step away from becoming the biggest of the cultural industries, ahead of books, movies, or music. The key is that today, thanks to the technology that allows the use of mobile phones and tablets, anyone of any age can be a gamer. But this is still far from becoming a professional. 

The Pro Gamer

A pro gamer is a full-time competitive player who receives a salary to play video games. Teams or sponsors are usually the ones who pay most professional players to compete in the biggest Esports tournaments around the world.

Although it may not seem like it is, the life of a Pro gamer requires a lot of discipline and perseverance, since there are so many obstacles to reach success both inside and outside the game. There is an extreme level of competitiveness and most of the money goes only to the very best. But despite this difficulty, the passion, team camaraderie, and the growing acceptance of Esports as a legitimate career are making the competitive game bigger than ever.

In the past, the gamer was seen as someone lonely, antisocial, with quirks. But the reality is that the most important Esports games encourage teamwork. Games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, or Overwatch, among others, even if it requires great individual skills, are based on a team strategy, and everything has to be planned between the members. To win the game, good cooperation and competition from team members are fundamental. 


Profile of the Pro Gamer

As in any other professional career, the candidates must prove their capabilities and to be a Pro gamer, teamwork is essential. This is a characteristic that competitors must have, since they must know how to combine with the rest of the team and adapt themselves according to the circumstances. Moreover, they have to be people committed to what they do. 

There is no doubt that professional players are video game lovers. Some are professionals with origins in developed countries and their main characteristic is the great talent they have playing video games as well as their extensive experience in online games. Big tournaments of Esports are being celebrated all over the world. The young Pro gamers, together with their teams, are ready to play and win the attractive prizes, apart from receiving their usual salaries.

But this will not be an easy task for them. The competitiveness of the tournaments are extremely high and they have to be the best between the bests. Let’s hope that the youth of these professionals and the high pressure they are under, is not an explosive cocktail for the emotional stability of the players. But we are confident that they will manage it properly.

Pro gamers have a very bright and profitable future. The most important thing for these new generations is that professionally they will be doing what they really love. This is part of the way to happiness in life. And this is something that the previous generation, the baby boomers, their parents, have been trying to achieve always and in most cases without success.

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