All-Star Game MLS vs Liga MX, a money issue

All-Star Game MLS vs Liga MX, a money issue - London Betting Shop

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It is widely said that the US soccer league, MLS, has already achieved a similar level to that of Mexican football in Liga MX. An example of this is the last Gold Cup, where a supposed “B” team from the United States beat the Mexican team on the scoreboard.

This proved they are no longer the team that Mexico used to beat easily, and that they have evolved by leaps and bounds. Although not only because of this result, since the neighboring country eliminated the Mexican national team from the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, changing the course of their rivalry.

A rapid evolution

But how has the United States made such great strides in football? The answer is simple: by making their local league, the MLS (Major League Soccer), the most competitive league on the basis of great amounts of greenbacks.

In doing so, they have managed to bring in more and more big-name young stars from other countries every day. Players such as the Mexican Carlos Vela and the Uruguayan Diego Rossi in the LAFC forward line. Also the Mexicans Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and Jonathan dos Santos in Los Angeles Galaxy, as well as the Miami FC midfielder Rodolfo Pizarro.

💲MLS💲 vs Liga MX

With the upcoming All-Star Game between the MLS stars and Liga MX, we can make a comparison of American progress. With a squad worth approximately 137 million dollars, the home team outperforms its Mexican counterpart by more than 14 million dollars.


Uruguay’s Rossi, who scored 16 goals last season is worth $19.8 million, far higher than the three most expensive players in Liga MX (each worth $8 million). Including fellow Uruguayan Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodriguez, 28. He scored 11 goals in the Clausura 2021 tournament and was crowned champion with Cruz Azul in the previous tournament.

As for the goalkeepers, the most expensive player on the MLS roster is Peru’s Pedro Gallese (Orlando City SC) worth $3.3 million, compared to $2.20 million of Tigres’ Argentinian Nahuel Guzmán, and $1.9 million of Mexican Guillermo Ochoa (Club América).


Money doesn’t play on the field when the leagues’ teams face each other in the different tournaments. Despite the fact that Liga MX is superior, MLS teams have already upset Mexican teams more than once.

An example of this was the last League Cup quarter-final. There, the Tigres team (valued at $82.39 million), one of the most expensive teams on the continent, was eliminated by the Seattle Sounders ($43.32 million) 3-0. This was the only MLS team to survive in the tournament.

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