Best Markets To Bet On The NFL

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Bet on the NFL is an amazing experience that brings even more excitement to the games and sporting events of the most important leagues in America. However, apart from the enthusiasm, we should not forget that the economic factor is also significant.

Choosing the most profitable bets will help us earn extra money at the beginning. But if we have great knowledge of the different sports competitions, we can become experts and make this experience a very profitable hobby.

At London Betting Shop, our mission is to provide the sports fan bettors with the appropriate tools to fully embrace this incredible world of possibilities to bet on the best leagues and sports in the world and always offering the best odds on the market.

In this article we will talk about the best markets to bet on the American National Football League, the most popular sports league in the United States and Mexico, whose regular season just started last weekend.

Betting Markets

Betting markets are the different types of bets that can be made within a single sporting event. The values of the bets will depend on different factors. In the case of the NFL, the type of bets used are the so-called betting lines. These are those that give parity or find the midpoint of the match that initially is uneven in favor of a team.


On the Single-Game NFL bets, there are three main Betting markets to consider. These markets are always grouped together: point spread bets, with points favorable or unfavorable; Moneyline bets, with the winner of the match and totals bets, with the sum of points between the two teams.


A point spread is a bet on the margin of victory in a game. Is the most popular betting line in the NFL. The stronger team or player will be favored by a certain number of points, depending on the perceived gap in ability between the two teams. In the odds, a minus sign (-) means that team is the favorite. A plus sign (+) means that the team is the underdog.


The NFL moneyline is the easiest kind of football bet. In this case, you are simply betting on a specific team to win a game. While betting on a point spread is about who wins and by how much, a moneyline bet is solely about who wins.

Totals (Over/Under)

When betting on the total, you are no longer concerned with which team will win the game. Instead, your focus is strictly on how many points will be scored overall. As a bettor, you would need to select if the total number of points scored by both teams will be OVER or UNDER the set total. This type of bet is also called “over/under betting.”

But if you want to make Multiple-Game NFL bets, you have the option of Parlays and Teasers bets. These two can be very profitable if you become an expert and know how to use it.


This is a combined bet, i.e. the sum of several single bets. The user must select two or more sports events and bet the amount of money he considers appropriate. To win a Parlay it is necessary to match all the results you have bet on. Obviously, the greater the number of events you bet, the more difficult it will be to get it right. But the earnings will also increase as the odds multiply.


A teaser is a type of multiple bet in which the bettor chooses a minimum of two teams, in some cases up to 10 teams. The bettor will obtain points in his favor to add or subtract from the chosen teams and thus improve the distribution of points chosen. The bet consists of giving an advantage in points to the favorite team, as well as to the non-favorite team, with the purpose of increasing the possibilities of winning the bet, reducing the margin of gain. All bets must win, however, if only one bet pushes in a teaser, usually the entire bet is declared a push.

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