Casino Games: Amazing Gambling Stories

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Gambling is as old as the world, and since the Casinos exist there is a source of curious anecdotes, amazing stories, as well as ingenious situations. Spins on the roulette wheel, countless hours passing chips at the poker table, an incredible streak of luck with dice, the bright jackpot in the slots, and countless more experiences. 

Most of us know a funny, amazing, or crazy gambling story. Here you will discover some of the most curious gambling stories. Some of them may blow your mind.

Lucky Sweet Grandma🎲🎲

This story is of a proud grandma, Patricia Demauro, that in 2009 hit the tables at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. She had barely played a game of craps in her life, but that night she dared to place a $100 bet. Surprisingly she won 154 consecutive successful throws over a period of 4 hours and 18 minutes!.

And the question is: what are the odds of rolling a pair of dice a staggering 154 times consecutively without ever getting a 7 during a common game of craps? The answer is around 1 in 1.56 trillion! 

With this feat, she achieved a Guinness World Record for the longest number of rolls on a game of craps, and the most successive wins on a game of craps.

Patricia never revealed how much she had won in that astonishing night. But she did let everybody know that she would take her grandkids on a trip to Disney World. 

FedEx and Blackjack 🂡🂡

Courier company FedEx is one of the most renowned shipping firms around the world. The American company was founded in 1971, but in 1973 the firm experienced very tough times. By that date, the company was losing $1 million every month, had $5,000 in the bank, and $24,000 bills to pay.

With this situation, CEO Frederick W. Smith decided to take desperate measures. He withdrew the last remaining $5,000 from the company account and did something crazy, headed to Las Vegas. And there he hit the casinos. He spent a weekend playing on the blackjack tables in Las Vegas, and he turned the $5,000 into $27,000 at a Blackjack table! The final winnings were $32,000, enough money to save the company from bankruptcy. One year later, FedEx already had a turnover of $11 million.

Maybe it was not the best strategy to save a company, but it worked for Smith. His feat put him on the path to one of the wealthiest people in the world. FedEx workers can say that they owe their jobs thanks to gambling!

The Longest Poker Session 🃍🃎

This story comes with another world record with Phil Laak, an Irish–American professional poker player, nicknamed The Unabomber.

In 2010, Laak set a record for the longest single session in poker, managing to resist a 115 hours gameplay at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas!. 

The poker player was receiving a five minutes break every hour. But he decided to play through, so he could take a 30 minutes nap. He never took nor caffeine, nor stimulants of any kind during these 115 hours. Even his nutritionist was helping him around. To prove he was perfectly fit and fine, Laak made a few dozens of push-ups, in the middle of the game.

Laak finished up with $6,766. He donated half of his winnings to Camp Sunshine, a charity organization that grants summer camp experience to sick children. 

Over 130 thousand people watched the live streaming video of the historic session, and the charity organization received more than $3000 dollars. 


The Youngest Poker Player 🂪🂫

This story is about an 8 years old boy that in 2010, won 22,912,500 rupees ($500,000), playing online poker. 

Aashish Nanak, from Chandigarh in India, started to access news websites and gambling forums. Somehow he got access to his uncle’s online poker account. But instead of spending all the funds of his uncle’s account, he actually went on to earn half a million dollars!

The online poker room allegedly refused to pay out on the money, stating they did not know Aashish was so young. But further investigation showed that the staff at the site referred to Aashish as “the little poker wizard”. The family took the case to New Delhi court, and the decision has remained unconfirmed. 

A Sandwich to Play Cards 🃏🃏

And finally, a curious fact about the origin of the sandwich, which was invented in the 18th century, playing cards.

John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, was a prominent English aristocrat. He financed, among other things, James Cook’s expedition in the Pacific, naming the archipelago he discovered the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii) in honor of who had financed the expedition.

The Count’s excessive fondness for gambling impeded him from finding time to eat. In 1762 Montagu spent twenty-four hours in front of a gaming table, playing a card game called Euchre (a kind of Bridge). In order not to have to give up the cards, he thought of having a steak prepared between two loaves of bread, so as not to get dirty, and be able to eat it without giving up the game.

The idea was so successful that it soon became popular, to the point that in the aristocratic meetings they began to serve what, since then, is called a sandwich.

Whether you decide to gamble professionally or for fun, we hope these stories give you a funny and positive touch to your gambling experience.

And who knows? Maybe your next amazing experience can be included in the list of the most incredible gambling stories!

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