Champions League: Bet on The Next Winner

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The group phase of the UEFA Champions League is about to reach its final. Five of the 6 scheduled matches have already been played, and nine of the sixteen teams for the round of 16 phase are already classified. After five rounds of matches, the following nine teams have qualified for the Round of 16. Now you can bet on the remaining winner to be included in the list of 16:

As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, the Champions League is having an unusual edition, with no audience in most of the stadiums. In spite of this, the teams keep on competing with sportiness and the hope they will get the ticket to the final.

Next Phase After Matchday 6

The remaining 7 teams to play the next round will be decided on matchday 6. The games will take place on  8th and 9th December.

After that, on 14th december, there will be the draw to decide who will face who in the next round of 16.

It is important for the teams to finish first in the groups, as each group leader will be paired with a group runner-up. In addition, they will have the advantage of playing the second leg of the play-offs at home. This is also advantageous and motivating for the team, as it is possible that from January and February onwards the fans will return to the stadiums.


What Happens to The Unqualified Teams?

For the teams being eliminated in the group phase of the Champions League, only those that finished fourth, (the last) are disqualified from the championship.

However, there is still another chance for the clubs that finish third of their group. They will have the consolation prize of going straight to the sixteenth round of the Europa League. 

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