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The European football market alone is estimated to be worth about €28.4 billion in annual revenues. But these amounts are not evenly spread and most of the wealth is generated and kept by a few elite and well-known soccer leagues. 

England, Spain and Germany lead the world’s top leagues by revenue. Together with Italy and France are the 5 top, amounting together €15,1 billion of the total in the season 2019-20. But due to the Covid-19 they have suffered a decrease in their income of 11,6%.

However, for the next season 2020-2021, the football industry expects to increase its revenues 19.8% more than last season and the income of the 5 top leagues could reach €18.1 bn.

In this article we will look closely at these top 5 richest football leagues on the planet.

1. English Premier League / Market Value: €14.52 billion

There is no doubt about England’s huge influence on the spread of football all over the world. That is why it is not a surprise that the Premier League stands above the world of professional football leagues.

Last season 2019-2020 the revenues of the league amounted to around €5.7 billion. This made the EPL the third-wealthiest league in the world, after the american NFL (National Football League) and MLB (Major League Baseball).

The Premier League is one of the most popular leagues for soccer betting around the world. It includes fans of the more valuable clubs like Man United (worth €3 bn), Liverpool (€2.386 bn), Man City (€2.340 bn) and Chelsea (€1.998 bn), betting millions of Euros on the fixtures every single year. 

2. Spanish La Liga / Market Value: €9.77 billion

La Liga has Real Madrid and FC Barcelona,  two of the best-performing clubs in history. The vast empires of these two clubs alone contribute to the main part of the €3.4 bn in annual revenue generated by La Liga last year.

In addition to ticket sales and merchandising, La Liga earns hundreds of millions from lucrative sponsorship deals from the likes of massive companies like Santander, Microsoft, Puma, Budweiser,  among others.

Real Madrid remains the most valuable club in Europe worth €3.124 bn, while Barcelona’s value is €2.867 bn.

3. German Bundesliga / Market value: €8.09 billions

Germany’s Bundesliga has increased its international prominence  in recent years. It is next to La Liga results with around €3.3 bn in revenues last season. Bayern Munich is their big moneymaker with a value estimated at around €2.585 bn.

The second team that in recent years has seen their individual revenues rise from tens to hundreds of millions of euros is Borussia Dortmund whose value is €1.154 bn.

4. Italian Serie A / Market value: €7.74 billions

Italy’s Serie A league is another European league with an excellent brand value. Now it is known as Serie A TIM due to a €43 million annual sponsorship from the Italian telecoms giant TIM.

The league drew in around €2.49 bn in revenue last year, largely on the backs of star squads like Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan arguably three of the most iconic clubs on the planet.

Juventus is the most valuable of the trio (€1.563 bn). The owner of the club is the billionaire Agnelli family, who also owns Italy’s most famous brands: Fiat and Ferrari.

Inter Milan value is €886 million.

5. French Ligue 1 / Market value: €5.55 billions

Finally, the French Ligue 1, is the fifth wealthiest soccer league in the world, with revenue of around €1.9 bn last season.

The richest club by far is, of course, Paris St Germain, valued at €1.722 bn.

According to the ‘Soccerex Football Finance 100’ ranking, PSG is the most financially powerful club in the world, ahead of Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid, among others, and has been also the fastest growing football club in recent years internationally.

The second most valuable club is O. Lyon worth €489 million.

It is a fact that the European soccer leagues are the wealthiest in the world right now and it is expected to keep their position as it has done the previous years.

Followers and supporters of this big moneymaker industry will keep on watching the new seasons and cheering for their favourite clubs, making their revenues increasing every year.

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