Discovering the Weirdest Sports in the World

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For centuries, humans have created many pastimes to entertain themselves, and sport has always been an essential part of their culture. Many sports are ancestral and have survived to the present day in their modern versions. Nowadays, people have more and more free time, so sports are constantly being invented and we can find a long list of the weirdest around the world.

You’ve probably played football, basketball, tennis, golf, or any other sports we are used to watching and following. But there are many more sports that are played in competitions all over the world that are so strange and original, you’ve probably never heard of them.

Playing football on a bicycle? playing chess in a ring with boxing gloves on? carrying your partner on your shoulders and going through a round of obstacles? or descending from the top of a hill to catch a rolling cheese?. Maybe you have practiced some of them only like a pastime and did not think that it was a real sport. 

We invite you to keep on reading to know some of the rare, unique, unusual, or just plain weird sports all over the world. You will be surprised when you discover number 1!


Bo Taoshi (Pole Toppling)

This strange sport is somewhat chaotic and wild. It is played between two teams of 75 people each and consists of knocking down a pole guarded by the opposing team, with one person at the top. By means of the accumulation of bodies, the participants climb up until they reach the opposing pole and knock it down. This game is quite crazy and not suitable for delicate bodies.


Toe Wrestling

This sport is similar to arm wrestling with players attempting to pin down their opponent’s toes for three seconds. Players play with their bare feet alternating between their left and right feet and play the best of three rounds. There are separate divisions for men and women. The World Toe Wrestling Championship has been ongoing since the 1970’s and enjoys growing participation.


Urban Golf

As the name suggests, the sport is based on the original game of golf but is not played in the traditional golf course, but using street furniture as obstacles and targets instead. It originated in Scotland and it has been practiced since 1741. Individual players or teams hit a ball into a hole or a specific target, using several clubs. It can be also practiced in pubs or in other indoor venues.


Sepak Takraw

This bizarre sport has been practised for decades in Southeast Asia, where it originated. Is a peculiar combination of volleyball, martial arts and football, and players must have great skill to jump and connect the small reed ball in order to score points. But players can only touch it with their head or feet. In the game we can see some truly spectacular plays.



Cheese Rolling 

The rolling cheese festival has been a tradition in England since 1400. The game consists of letting a cheese wrapped in a wooden cover roll down from the top of a hill. Participants have to run after it and the first one to catch it wins. It is a fun activity, but at the same time dangerous because the blows that the participants give each other on their way down the hill can be quite strong.


Chess Boxing 

In the list of the weirdest sports, chess boxing is a must. This is a sport that combines the rules of boxing with those of chess and has been played since 2003 in several countries around the world. The game consists of two fighters alternating five 3-minute boxing rounds with six 5-minute chess games, all in the middle of a ring. The first one to knock out or checkmate his opponent wins. An ideal sport for intellectuals who like it rough. 


Cycle Ball

If you like practising football and cycling then you should try playing cycle ball.  This sport was invented in 1893 and it is very popular in several European countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Australia. It’s all about playing football on a bike and scoring goals by hitting the ball with the tyres. It requires great skill to control the ball and great technique to handle the bike. 


Wife Carrying

The game has its origins in Finland, where local women were commonly abducted from their villages. It is an annual competition in which husbands run an obstacle course while carrying their wives on their backs. Despite the title, any team of two can participate and there are different styles of carrying. Teams from Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Ireland, and the United States compete in the World Wife Carrying Championship.

Have you enjoyed this list of the weirdest sports? We have mentioned some of them but there are as many as the human imagination can create.

There are other many sports considered weirdest like competitive sleeping, running in high heels, underwater hockey, egg throwing, extreme ironing, face slapping, dog surfing, and so many more…

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