Everything You Want To Know About Cricket

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Cricket, originally defined as a boys’ game, had its first reference as an adult sport in 1611, and at present, it is considered as a gentleman’s game. Originated in south-east England and spread internationally with the expansion of the British Empire, in the 18th century, Cricket became the country’s national sport, developing globally in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The more you start learning about this sport, the more it will attract you with its uniqueness. It definitely resembles the game of baseball, but it is a whole different ball game which makes betting on Cricket a lot more interesting.

We are going to take a quick deep dive into this sport and will try answering your questions in the comments section, but before we do that, let’s see the top 10 countries that play the game of Cricket on the international level. Here’s the list:

  1. Australia
  2. England
  3. India
  4. Pakistan
  5. South Africa
  6. New Zealand
  7. Sri Lanka
  8. Bangladesh
  9. West Indies
  10. Afghanistan


There are a total of 105 countries that play Cricket and are members of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the international governing organization of the game of Cricket. With this information, let’s figure out how the sport is played and what you need to get started. Let’s go!

What is Cricket: The Basic Rules You Should Know

Here are the basic rules and information you should know to understand the sport. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. Cricket is all about runs made and saved. The main aim of this sport is to score more runs than the opposition.
  1. Competing in the match are two teams that have 11 players each. They take it in turns to bat and bowl. Each team taking turns to bat is called an inning.
  1. The team that bats first tries to make as many runs it can in its inning by running between the wickets and hitting the boundaries in an oval field.
  1. The other team meanwhile tries to bowl it out by bowling the ball overarm at the stumps that are at either end of the 22-yard wicket.
  1. The bowling team has to bowl and get the members of the batting team out. The batting team has to protect their stumps and try making as many runs as possible.
  1. The bowling team can get the batting team out by hitting the stumps, catching the ball before it hits the ground, and many different ways.
  1. An inning ends when the batting team is all out, or when the captain deliberately ends the inning. Once that happens, the teams swap over their roles. This means the bowling team will now bat and the team that was batting will now have to bowl to keep the other team from reaching the target (total number of runs they scored).
  1. The team that scores the most runs wins. The match can even end in a draw, which happens when the two teams end up scoring the same number of runs.

Different Formats of International Cricket

There are three main formats that are played internationally. These are Tests, One-Days, and T20 or Twenty20. There’s a lot to talk about the differences in the formats, but the main difference is of the number of overs, innings and days two teams play the game. Let’s check that out:

  • Test Cricket: 90 overs a day, 4 innings (two innings each team) and 5 days.
  • One-Day Cricket: 100 overs a day (50 overs each team), 2 innings (one inning each), and one day.
  • T20 Cricket: 40 overs a day (20 overs each team), 2 innings (one inning each), and one day (3 hours on an average).

Wrapping Up

We have shared all the basic things you need to know to understand the game of Cricket. However, there’s still a lot more to know and you can do that by watching or playing the sport. We hope this piece of content brought great value to you. If you are interested in sports, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter as we’d love to share our passion for sports with you!

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