Florentino Pérez’s private audios leaked

Florentino Pérez 's private audios leaked- London Betting Shop lbsbet.com

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The Spanish digital newspaper El Confidencial has just unveiled audios in which Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez calls club legends Iker Casillas and Raúl as “the two biggest frauds of Real Madrid”.

The audio fragment was taped in 2006, six months after Florentino Pérez’s departure from the Spanish club, ending his first term as president. At the time of the recording, Casillas and Raúl were still important first-team players. Now the tapes have just been released.

A fierce attack

In the audios, Florentino Pérez scathingly attacks both players. He first blames Raúl for his departure and attacks him for destroying the club. In a grumpy tone, he says: “It is believed that Real Madrid belongs to him. It’s terrible how bad this man is.” 

As for Casillas, he does not leave him in a good position either, saying: “Iker Casillas is not a goalkeeper for Real Madrid. He isn’t, he never was. He’s the biggest failure we’ve had. You have people who worship him; I don’t understand any of that. People defend him, but he is a big con man. Just like Raul. The two biggest frauds in Real Madrid’s history are Raul and Casillas. They are very selfish and you can’t count on them.”


Florentino´s Third term

Florentino Pérez, 74, is in his third term as Real Madrid president. Pérez left the club in 2006 and became president again in 2009. During his second term, Casillas and Raúl left the club.

However, both have returned to the club. At present, Iker Casillas is the assistant to general manager José Ángel Sánchez since December 2020, and Raúl is the coach of the B team, Castilla. 

More to come

It seems that El Confidencial will continue to publish unreleased audios of the Madrid president throughout the week. The aim is to allow the more than 100,000 Real Madrid members, and millions of fans around the world, to get to know the real face of Florentino Pérez beyond institutional acts or public interviews. 

Other audios have already come out today in which he also insults Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho who were at Real Madrid at that time.

How will those criticized react? More names are likely to emerge, as it seems that Pérez left no one uncriticised in his sharp statement.

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