Handball Betting, The Best Alternative!

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Although handball is not considered as important sport worldwide, as football or basketball, handball betting is incredibly popular among bettors. This Sport is fast becoming one of the most successful sports betting options worldwide. 

Handball is the betting alternative if you are looking for a sport with more action, more goals, and much faster than many other sports. It is a very fast game, with goals scored at a fairly high frequency.

The more exciting thing about handball is that it is a combination of other sports, all in one. But it is even much faster, with goals scored at a fairly high frequency. 

The Game

Handball is played with a spherical ball, where two teams of seven players each (six “field” players and a goalkeeper) compete to fit the ball into the opponent’s goal, thus scoring a goal. The team scoring the most goals at the end of the match is the winner. 

These are similar rules just like in soccer, but just as its name indicates, handball is played with the hands instead of feet. In soccer, the players can not touch the ball with their hands. In the same way, in handball, the players, excepting goalkeepers, may not intentionally touch the ball with their feet during the play. 

An Interesting Alternative

The fact that handball combines elements borrowed from soccer, basketball, or ice hockey into one fast-paced sport with high scoring, make it unique among betting sports.

Maybe you have plenty of experience in soccer or basketball betting, and you can feel a little bored of always betting on the same sports. That is why betting on handball can be the solution and the ideal addition to your betting portfolio. 

So why not to bet on a sport that combines all the elements of your preferred sports?

Before Betting on Handball

To understand how handball betting works it does not take long. If you are a beginner, handball betting is an excellent sport to bet on, and will easily suit you.

Once you understand how the game works, you will need to do some serious research into both teams you want to bet on. Find out which team is better at defense and/or offense. Have a look at the goal scoring stats of each, especially over their last two or three games.

You can easily choose a range of easy betting options that the bookers will offer you.

Handball Betting Tips 

If you are thinking on getting ready for your first handball betting predictions, here we have some suggestions:

Since handball is a fast-paced game, it is ideal for live betting.

Spread bets and Over/Under bets are popular examples.

You can become an expert on handball betting in a short time and start your betting strategy in this exciting sport.

Handball in The World

The actual handball competitions were established and developed in Europe. The most important championships are celebrated in the old continent.

In the United States, Handball is a minor sport. But although the U. S. teams compete in international competitions, such as the Summer Olympics and the Pan American Games, both men’s and women’s teams have struggled in international competitions against nations where handball is more popular.

Like any collective sport, we have to distinguish between competitions by country and by clubs. Among the international competitions, the Olympic Games and the World Championships stand out, both in their male and female aspects.


First of all, you have the international cups, most notably the EHF Champions League, where the best teams from all over europe compete for the title. Below it, there are the EHF Cup and the EHF Challenge Cup, so for a hypothetical country, the winner of the national league might qualify for the Champions League, second place for the EHF Cup and third and fourth for the Challenge Cup.

Another international league is the SEHA League, where various teams from eastern and south eastern europe compete.

But the following are the strongest purely national leagues of handball:

German Bundesliga

Also known as DKB HBL. Is the German handball championship created in 1966, being the most prominent at an international level. The league is dominated for years by THW Kiel, winning the title 10 times between 2005 and 2015, and the Champions League thrice

French National League

Aka Ligue Nationale de Handball was founded in 1952. PSG is probably the strongest handball club in the world right now, both player-wise and financially, after getting help from Qatari investors in 2012.

Spanish League

The Liga ASOBAL is the premier professional handball league in Spain. Its first name was División de Honor when it was founded in 1958. They changed to the current name in 1990.

In this league, the winning team of winners is clearly FC Barcelona. The club holds 27 titles in the league.

Dannish League

Is called Jack & Jones Ligaen because of a sponsorship contract, is the professional handball league in Denmark. This league was founded in 1936, with the first champion being IF Vidar. The Danish championship is one of the most evenly matched championships in Europe and has grown a lot lately on a sporting level and is becoming one of the strongest leagues in Europe.

Hungarian League

The first division of the Hungarian handball league called Nemzeti Bajnokság I due to a sponsorship contract, is the professional handball league played in Hungary. This league was founded in 1951, the first champion being VM Közért. The Hungarian championship has been dominated especially by two teams, SC Honved Budapest until the 1980s and from then on Veszprém KC took over until today.

Especially in eastern Europe, there are some leagues with one or two teams that regularly do well on the international stages. Macedonia with Vadar Skopje, or Poland with Kielce. Same goes to an extent for Swedish league with Kristianstad and AHK as the most dominant.

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