How to Enjoy Safer Responsible Gambling

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has added another dimension to the world of gambling immediate health. Stay-at-home orders further made it difficult for players to bet at physical locations. The recent reports about online gambling, however, show that players have found a home in technology and are getting more into online betting. In this article, we will show you how to enjoy safer responsible gambling.

Firstly, we will focus on the sudden rise of online gambling and how it stacks up against traditional gambling. We will also analyze the fast growth it has experienced during the last year.

🔷 How COVID-19 Boosted the Online Gambling Ecosystem?

Our lives drastically changed over a course of a few months in 2020. The physical and mental impacts of the pandemic resulted in a major change in how players used to approach responsible gambling.

The human attention span, as we all know, is decreasing significantly. We need to always keep our minds occupied with something or the other. But, the pandemic and the subsequent stay-at-home orders made us spend a lot of our time inside the four walls.

Our lives became dramatically boring and in some cases little depressing, due to the nationwide lockdowns. It made people be inactive, static and consequently caused them to feel bored, anxious, down, all at the same time.

Most importantly, the ban on live sports and the closing of casinos across the world has robbed the fans and gamblers of what they love doing. Even the Olympics were suspended due to the fear of becoming a coronavirus hotspot.

This is why people are now relying on online mediums to fill their time. Gamblers, especially, are now turning their attention to online betting.


🔷 Advantages of Online Gambling over Traditional

There are many advantages that online gambling offers you. Here we list the most important for you to know.

💲 Profit is Lucrative

Although online gambling is quite simple, the opportunities to make big money are far better than traditional casinos. Players can go on to earn thousands and sometimes, even millions of dollars through online gambling.

💰 Payout Percentage is High

Online casinos pay a huge percentage, sometimes even 95% of the sum, to the players that win. There is fierce competition between online casinos, making them come up with whopping payout percentages to attract gamblers. This payout percentage is certainly higher than any traditional casino.

🔐 Online Gambling is Quick and Safe

Safety is a huge issue at the moment, given the COVID-19 pandemic and also the recent revelations about how information is being misused. It has become important for online gamblers to choose a safe and convenient environment, that most online casinos have to offer today.

🎁 Use Online Bonuses

Online casinos like LBS offer bonuses to players that win. Most land-based casinos are not known to provide bonuses. Online bonuses or first-deposit bonuses are sometimes even 200% of the amount, they can be very varied, and there is not only the welcome bonus but many more interesting ones, as the bookmakers always try to innovate so that bettors are not bored or fall into monotony. 

📊 Variety of Betting Sizes

The variety in the wagering options is also very interesting. When you play at a land-based casino, you are always subject to restrictions regarding bet sizes and stakes. Since online casinos are cheaper to run, they can offer more variety in bets than traditional casinos.

🔷 Up to You

While the pandemic has made gambling life difficult, you can always change your approach and go online. Now that you understand how advantageous and safe online gambling is, you might even give it a try. 

However, before start gambling, we recommend always setting your limits on time and money spent. These are the basis for safer responsible gambling.

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