How to play Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot

How to play Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot - London Betting Shop

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In this article we are going to introduce you to Dungeon: Immortal Evil, the first crossover between an RPG and a slot machine, developed by Evoplay Entertainment. This stunning game takes advantage of the latest in 3D gaming technology, offering players the first slot-based third-person role-playing adventure game.

Despite the RPG elements, Dungeon: Immortal Evil stays true to its slot-based origins. All wins and losses are RNG-based. This means it all depends on the luck of the spin and the RNG algorithm.

Want to see how Dungeon: Immortal Evil works? Read on to find out all about it before you start playing.

What is Dungeon: Immortal Evil about?

Malak is a mighty warrior destined to fight the forces of evil. That’s what you’ll have to do when you play this game that comes with upgradable features for both Hero and Bestiary. It also offers you Free Spins and a sustainable and attractive prize pool.

When you play Dungeon: Immortal Evil, the reels do not spin up or down. The gameplay is a little different here, enhancing the gaming experience very much. The classic layout with reels and rows is absent. This contributes to the unique setup of this hybrid game.

Although some things are in common with the classic slot machines, such as the coin value, which ranges from 0.10 to 500. You can set the value according to your betting strategy.

The gameplay is familiar to players used to RPGs. You follow the avatar of the player/hero as you wander through underground dungeons inhabited by nasty evil creatures of all kinds while battling monsters that come your way. In turn, you’ll rack up loot each time you emerge victoriously.


A 3D camera follows the hero’s adventure through many different levels. Each turn is a new journey through a different level with a random number of enemies and a mysterious loot-based outcome for each victory that will award players with a loot classified as common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary, which is turned into an instant prize.

Symbols and Paytable

Another interesting aspect is the paytable. The symbols in this game are demons of the underworld, each with its own features and payout rates. 

For example, there is Imp Demon which is a small, fast-moving enemy that will pay 90 coins when killed. Skeleton is another demon that has the lowest payout rate at only 75 coins, but it is a fragile opponent that you will easily defeat at any time.

On the other hand, the massive and terrifying Inferno is the highest-paid symbol. Watch out! it is capable of damaging your hero 26x with its sharp teeth and huge fists. Even so, the winners of the battle with this dangerous demon will receive 180 coins. 

Then there’s Succubus, which pays 110 coins dealing 21x damage with Attack Speed 1. 

The game also offers you a series of Free Spins, depending on the results of your battles.

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Bonus Achievements

To be able to unlock the bonus achievements, the player will have to fight their way through a series of dungeons, while battling enemies that protect their boss from the final level. Each bonus level has a reward determined by the RNG, equal to money. Once the player is victorious in each, a chest appears with a random selection: an armor upgrade, a weapon, or a health potion. 

The final showdown will be an epic fight against the boss and your chance to win up to 5000x your stake!

Always remember that although you will find RPG elements, Dungeon: Immortal Evil is all about luck and all outcomes are RNG generated. 

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