How to Play Live Grand Casino Roulette

How to Play Live Grand Casino Roulette - Lbsbet

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Following the trend of live-streaming roulette tables of the popular land-based casinos, Evolution Gaming is bringing fans to this impressive roulette action, direct from the Grand Casino at the Marriott Grand Hotel in Bucharest. This variant of Dual Play Roulette is streamed from different cameras. Players can enjoy the game from a variety of angles, on their desktops, smartphones, or tablets. 

Want to play Roulette and feel the atmosphere of the luxurious Grand Casino at the Marriott Grand Hotel, with live dealers included? Now you have the chance to enjoy this stunning live dealer roulette experience, exclusively from the world’s leading live dealer platform provider, Evolution Gaming.

How to Play the Game

Log in to LBS and select the game from the menu. Soon the game screen will load and you can start joining the live dealer action.

Placing bets is very easy, using the user interface, which features the layout, the racetrack, and the playing chips. Just like usual in roulette tables, this one accepts multiple bets by a single player from 1 to 5.000 maximum. Bets are placed on the virtual table by clicking on the corresponding field during the designated time between spins.

The dealer then spins the wheel and throws the ball which, in a short time, will drop to reveal the winning bets. After that, the dealer removes the losing bets. In about a minute, players can try their luck again in the next round.


Thanks to the table’s dual game mode, the Grand Casino Roulette game allows an unlimited number of online players to join the players seated at the table and enjoy a unique gaming experience in the luxurious atmosphere of the Marriott Grand Casino. 

The Highlights


An unforgettable gambling atmosphere in a luxurious setting straight from the Grand Casino Bucharest. 


Multiple cameras, feed angles and shot sequences.  


High-definition, seamless streaming and smooth gameplay on desktops and mobile devices.


Reasonable betting limits between 1 and 5,000.

👨 🂡 👩

Highly trained and professional Grand Casino croupiers, selected to meet the high standards of this first-class roulette table.

Are you ready to enjoy this new live experience with Grand Casino Roulette?

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