Know 5 of the Most Bizarre Rules in the MLB

Know 5 of the Most Bizarre Rules in the MLB - Lbsbet

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The MLB players and followers know the basic rules of baseball. A well-known rule is that with three strikes the batter is out. However, there are many more rules in the MLB, and some of them are downright bizarre.

Here are 5 of the strangest baseball rules you will see at Major League Baseball games that maybe you didn’t even know about.

🔶 Using the cap to catch the ball has big penalties

In baseball rules, players are not allowed to handle the ball with any part of their uniform. This includes two of the most common pieces: the cap and the glove.

This rule was established to prevent fielders from throwing their glove or cap at a ball while it flies over them or rolls past them.

🔶 The set position of the pitcher

This is one of the many rules that exist for the pitcher, who is the only defender with the ball,  and controls most of the game.

When the pitcher has the ball on the mound and the runners are on the bases, he must first get into a set position before he pitches. That is, he must bring the ball to his glove and then come to a complete stop before pitching.

If he does not stop completely before he pitches, it is called a balk and then runners can advance one base. These balk rules in baseball are designed to make it more difficult for the pitcher to deceive the base runners.


🔶 Pitchers can not spit on the ball 

In the early days of baseball, it was very common for pitchers to spit on the ball to gain an advantage! This made the ball more slippery, giving unpredictable movement for both the batter and the pitcher.

However, in the 1920s, baseball introduced a rule making this practice illegal. They also prohibited wiping sweat or any other substance on the ball while pitching. In fact, today it is considered illegal for a pitcher to wipe his face with his hand and then pick up the ball directly. He must first wipe his hand on the outside of his uniform and then grab the ball.

🔶 If ball sticks on catcher’s mask: advantage to runners 

The job of the catcher is very difficult. He uses a lot of heavy equipment and has to block the straights that the pitcher throws in the ground. He also receives a lot of hits in the face from foul balls. And to add more difficulty to his hard work, there is another strange rule. If a ball gets stuck in his mask, runners can advance one base free!

Although it’s not just only on the mask. If the ball gets stuck anywhere on the catcher’s equipment, it is considered a dead ball and all base runners will have the advantage of moving up.

🔶 Infield Fly Rule: you are out before they catch the ball

The Infield fly rule states that the batter is out if, before there are 2 outs and with runners on first and second base or the bases are loaded, he throws a ball that does not leave the infield. The key is that the ball must be catchable by a player in the infield. Even if the ball goes down and no one catches it, the batter is still out.

This rule was implemented to prevent players in the infield from intentionally releasing the ball to gain an advantage.

Baseball is a game of rules, and we are sure there must be more bizarre ones in the MLB. Do you know all of them? 

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