LBS Bot, The New Smart Way to Bet

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At London Betting Shop we are always at the vanguard of new trends in social media. We want to introduce something new that we have created in Telegram: LBS Bot. A new and exclusive experience for all our customers to continue having fun betting from anywhere and on any mobile platform. 

Now LBSBet is exclusively presenting a betting tournament in Telegram in which we are offering interesting prizes. Each tournament will award different prizes and will be always previously announced on our channel.

With these tournaments, we are pleased to introduce LBS Bot, a new intelligent way to bet against others, using Telegram.

In our first tournament, the winner received 2000 mx of real money in his account at

This is our second tournament, which started on Sunday 11 October at 07:30 and will end on Sunday 25 October at 07:30. This time, the prize is:

a PS5!

The prize will be awarded to the registered user with the largest amount of virtual money, on 25 October 2020 at 23:30.

How to Become The Winner

All you have to do is download the Telegram app, join our channel Deportes Apuestas y LBSBET, to get your virtual money on LBS Bot. Once you have joined, you can start betting and try to get the PS5.

What is LBS bot?

LBS Bot is something new on Telegram. It is a bot and people can place free bets. You can talk to it and place your bets through this AI robot. The bot will place the bet for you after receiving your instructions.

How LBS Bot Works?

The rules are simple:

1-Send a message to : @LBSbet_bot or go to

2-You can always see the ranking. Log in the bot and choose Group Rank

3-Every bettor will start with $1000 (virtual money)

4-The players chose every day as many games as they want to bet from the list (odds shown are the finals)

5-Anyone who brings at least 5 people to our channel will receive a virtual bonus of $200

What are you waiting for? Join our Telegram channel and have fun betting on your favourite sport. Now you can play and bet with your friends and see who is the master in Sports.

Don’t miss the chance to Win a PS5! Good luck!

Support and Questions: @LbsbetSupport

Join our Telegram channel Deportes, Apuestas y LBSBET here

Gambling can be addictive. Please know your limits and gamble responsibly