League of Legends, The Game

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League of Legends or LoL, initially League of Legends: Clash of Fates,  is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre video game developed by Riot Games, a video game developer, publicist and Esports tournament organizer, founded in 2006 and based in Los Angeles, California. The great success of Riots Games is due to the creation of its most popular game: League of Legends.

The game was designed to operate on the Microsoft Windows operating system and was first announced in October, 2008. Thanks to several investors, League of Legends was born, independent from the mod, with added features and lots of modifications. In October 2009, after several months of attending international fairs, the title was officially launched. 

League of Legends was quickly a worldwide success. By 2012, just three years after its launch, the game had already 70 million registered users and in March 2013, 5 million users were online at the same time. The most recent figures show that League of Legends has an active player base of over 80 million monthly players. 

Riot Games

Riot Games was founded by Brandon Beck (Riot Ryze) and Marc Merrill (Riot Tryndamere). Both players joined forces with Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, the designer of the custom Defense of the Ancients map in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, and Steve “Pendragon” Mescon, the administrator of the former official support base for the DOTA map. 

All these members of the Dota community, worked together and created this modification of ‘Warcraft III’, and since they believed the game was fun and innovative enough to be their own professional game with significantly enhanced features, thus ‘League of Legends’ was forged.

This popularity was transferred to the field of Esports and in 2011 took place in Sweden the first championship, which gave US$100,000 in prizes and had more than 1.5 million spectators streaming through the event. Over the years, the number of prizes, players and spectators that are watching the best plays of the game, have increased. The League of Legends World Championship 2019 was followed by over 200 million viewers, with over 100 million unique viewers and had a minimum prize pool of US$2.5 million. In total, the event awarded US$6,450,000 in prizes, which places it as the third largest Championship, after The International and the Fortnite World Cup DotA 2.

Riot Games donated more than $3.5 million in medical supplies to help with the COVID-19 crisis.


The Growth of League Of Legends

The success of the game is due to the integration the company has with the players. All the time, they serve the users, offer and take advantage of the feedback. That’s something that fans around the world appreciate from their favorite games, and this is the reason they haven’t given up on the game.

But most of all, a free game offers a much greater gaming and immersion experience than any fee based game.

In addition, part of LoL’s growth strategy is that Riot Games supports small and professional leagues of players. The company organizes the League of Legends World Championship, and the Championship Series for Europe (LCS Europe) and North America (LCS North America) as well as broadcasting and filming.

At present, the game has 27 million players connected daily. That number makes League of Legends the most played PC game in the world, surpassing such popular eSports titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2.

The Game

League of Legends is a fast-paced competitive multiplayer online game which combines the speed and intensity of real-time strategy (RTS) with role-playing game (RPG) elements.

The game is inspired by the popular custom map from Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients: Allstars, better known by the acronym DotA.

League of Legends takes place in the fictional world of Runeterra in which two teams of powerful “Champions” will have to compete head-to-head across a variety of battlefields, sceneries and game modes. The goal is to protect their own base while locating and tearing down enemy bases on the map, and finally destroy the towers belonging to the other team, in order to win a game.

Depending on the level, they will have to fulfill certain objectives in order to cause damage to the other side. It is possible to buy items during the game that can help to complete the mission, and it is even possible to buy characters. However, there is also the possibility to play with a level system to improve the skills of a character instead of buying them in the shop.

Each player has to select a character known as “Champion” within the game, each with a unique design, skills and gameplay style. They can be offensive, defensive, supporting or healing characters. These Champions are a collection of heroes and villains who have a variety of stories, often related to the political struggles of the various countries of the main continent of Valoran, the central continent of Runeterra and home to most of its sentient life.

In addition, some Champions are aliens coming from worlds other than Runeterra, but are visitors for their own purposes. These Champions sometimes clash with each other, which is reflected in the gameplay of League of Legends. 

There are several archetypes of Champions, from evil criminal minds to monstrous and epic creatures, going through every kind of character we can imagine. The different Champions cover different positions and strategies, so the player doesn’t have to be discouraged if the first choice doesn’t suit his style of play. The players can choose between 149 Champions and this allows an infinite combination of characters and strategies, an ever-expanding roster of champions, frequent updates, and an exciting competitive landscape. League of Legends offers unlimited gameplay possibilities for users of all skill levels. 

League of Legends is a video game that has changes in the game every two weeks, living in constant updates and the more experienced players are already used to playing with these constant changes. Therefore, for beginners it is important to start with a LoL guide, take note of the game and follow other gamers.

LoL Evolution

LoL has two different stories: the original story, that is, from 2009 to 2014, and the restart 2014, that lasts until today.

The first story was focused on justifying the game structure, the league taking place in Runeterra. The continent of Valoran was ruled by the powerful Time Wizards, and they created the League of Legends to resolve disputes and also as a sports recreation. In these battles, the Summoners, i.e. the players, manage any hero or villain and fight as a group, which justifies forming teams between rival characters.

In 2014, Riot Games restarted the original story because they found it was restrictive, so the developers removed the focus from the players and the Time Wizards to the Champions so that they had their own stories, pursuing their own unique goals. This gave the game a more developed and deep story, making the background plot more complex and exciting.

Future of LoL

In June 2, 2020,  Riot Games launched the game Valorant, a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter set in the near future, which has been compared with game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

One of the highlights of Valorant is that it is a completely independent game from the League of Legends universe, even though it is based on it. It has a timidly futuristic setting, presenting a world of fantasy in its own timeless universe, but with a balance between realism and fiction.

Maybe the Future of League of Legends will be eclipsed by this new game Valorant, based on LoL Universe itself.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about the most popular game within eSports that fills stadiums in every  competition. 

Now you can start a new game in the universe of Runeterra!

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