LeBron James: Will The King Win The Crown?

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LeBron James or Michael Jordan. Two players and one sole throne.

Today, LeBron James is a great reference in the world of basketball. It is a fact that everything that the star of Los Angeles Lakers touches turns to gold. However, the big debate regarding LeBron James and Michael Jordan continues. Who is the best player of all times in the NBA’s history?.

During his 15 seasons in the league, Michael Jordan set a number of records that once seemed unbreakable. In fact still today there are a fair amount of records that MJ holds to his name, but there are also some of them surpassed by LeBron James.

Based on a recent ESPN survey, Michael Jordan is better than LeBron, according to 73% of NBA fans who ranked him as number one highlight. 

Jordan is in the best position player and his figure has been revalued with the documentary The Last Dance, which has undoubtedly put the Chicago Bulls player back on the top of the fan list. It’s clear that the marketing that Jordan has got us used to is a big plus for him. This documentary comes at a time when the debate about his reign on the NBA roster is at its peak. Undoubtedly, if we ask the fans who have the best streetwear shoes, of course, the fans will say massively that Jordan. But we have to base also in the statistics of the two candidates for the crown.

Championships and Seasons

NBA Championships:

LeBron James 3   – Michael Jordan 6

NBA Seasons:

LeBron James 17 – Michael Jordan 15

Playoffs Played:

LeBron James 13 – Michael Jordan 13

All-Star Games:

LeBron James 16 – Michael Jordan 14

Both have been Rookie of The Year, but there are two statistics in which the legendary Chicago Bulls player Jordan clearly outperforms James: titles won and average points per game.

Jordan has been 10 times scoring leader against 1 time of LeBron. Jordan’s scoring average was a massive 31.5 per game, putting him well ahead of James, with 27.2.

But what most differentiates James from Jordan is that he is a more versatile player. Also in playoff games, he has better statistics than Jordan.

On March 6, 2019, LeBron overtook Jordan as the new fourth all-time leading scorer, taking MJ’s place in the record books. Several weeks prior to breaking Jordan’s record, LeBron described what an honor it was for him to have the opportunity to not only be likened to Jordan but also to be able to surpass him in the all-time scoring list:

Scoring is one of, if not the most important barometers which determines a player’s greatness. In this respect, LeBron has one-upped MJ. Jordan scored 34,087 career points, which as of this writing, ranks third all-time, after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387) and Karl Malone (36,928).

It is worth noting, however, that as a counterargument, Jordan only played 15 seasons in his career, while LeBron is already in season 17 as of the 2019-20 campaign. 

But LeBron James’ chapter is not closed yet because he still has some basketball to play. So maybe he has a chance to catch Jordan later on if he can get some more championships under his belt.


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Other STARS´ opinions

Another big star of the NBA, Magic Johnson,  thinks that both Lebron and Jordan are great players, they played the game the right way, made their teammates better, and won championships. 

Tiger Woods also said: ¨They both are great in a different way¨.

Many know LeBron as an activist who has led many fights against social issues. He has also been quite vocal on social media.

A couple of weeks ago, LeBron created the organization “More Than a Vote”, with Draymond Green, the State Warriors star, as part of the initiative.

Green believes that Los Angeles Lakers star is great not just on the court but also out of it and posted on Twitter: “Hopefully [LeBron] will run for President one day.”

So for LeBron James maybe this can be his time to wear the double crown, the one for best NBA player of all times and the second for President of the US, this last tittle at least for 4 years.

NBA Historical Top 10

In the race for the historical top 10, ESPN experts defined their list with Michael Jordan at the top, LeBron James in the second position, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in third. Bill Russell, Magic  Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, and Tim Duncan completed the list from 4th to 8th place. The last two positions went to two former Lakers teammates: Kobe Bryant, ninth, and Shaquille O’Neal in the number 10 position.