Liga MX Betting: The Passion of Mexican Soccer Fans

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Soccer is the most beloved sport in Mexico, with more than half of the population showing an interest in the king of sports. The Aztec country is the sixth on the planet with the highest percentage of football fans, where the majority of the population identifies with football. It is also the fourth with the largest number of soccer fans worldwide, with Liga MX enjoying a healthy local context, including the betting market. 

When talking about sporting events, the most relevant in Mexico is Liga MX, American football, and boxing. 

Passionate Fans

It is well known that Mexican football attracts a huge fan base all over the world. If we ask who is the biggest team in Mexico, this is perhaps a matter of debate, as some will answer according to the team’s achievements, or the economy that sustains them. But others will look more closely at the support the team receives from its fans, both inside and outside Mexico. 

In Liga MX, the most important competition in the country, the fans are a basic pillar. They give more excitement to the matches in the stadiums, motivating their teams. It is evident how important the supporters are for the clubs to maintain their line of quality play.

Out of 126 million Mexicans, more than half of them like football, a 73%. This shows the importance of the supporters and confirms that football, like all competitive sports, is made for the fans.

It is also evident that a club’s good football momentum makes the club join more supporters into its ranks.

Most Popular Clubs

The biggest and most popular clubs in Mexican football are America and Chivas, both big rivals competing in Liga MX. 

The first campaign of the Mexican professional first division was played in the 1943-1944 season. Only “Las Águilas” and “El Rebaño” boast of being the only teams to have played every season without being relegated.

Both clubs have the largest fan base in Liga MX, although there is a notable difference between the two teams.

In previous years, the two most popular teams in the country remained close to each other in terms of fan dominance. However, the Águilas have gained ground and their fan base is almost double that of the Rebaño Sagrado.

But although América is the club with the most fans, it also ranks at the top of the most hated club in Mexico by fans of rival clubs.


Supporting Other Competitions 

When talking about Mexican football fans is to talk about rivalries, derbies, and unbridled passions.

And Mexican fans have also proven to be the most passionate even outside of national competitions. A clear example is in the World Cups, where Mexican fans have been FIFA’s best customer. 

A clear example has been in the last World Cups, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, and Russia 2018. There, the Mexican fans were the most numerous, ahead of countries with a strong football tradition such as England, Brazil, or Argentina.

Mexicans Supporters in the US

Football keeps the link with the country of origin alive. Far away from home the love for the team of your heart grows stronger. It is even passed down from generation to generation. And this is proven over and over again by Mexican fans living in the United States. 

When the Mexican National Team, America, or Chivas play, fans fill the stadiums. Their high ratings prove that Mexican fans follow their teams even if they reside outside of Mexico. Many MLS teams wish they had at least a percentage of the passion and traction that Liga MX teams have on American soil.

And the Mexicans, along with Argentines, are the communities that have the strongest ties with the teams of their country of origin.

Mexico definitely loves football and it is evidenced both inside and outside the Aztec country. 

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