Like in the movie, Santiago Muñoz joins Newcastle

Like in the movie, Santiago Muñoz joins Newcastle -ñ London Betting Shop

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Newcastle United FC has announced the signing of 19-year-old Mexican Santiago Muñoz, a star player from Santos Laguna.

After completing the tests, young striker Santiago Munoz reached an agreement with the Newcastle Magpies to play in the Premier League. The team states that he is on loan for 18 months with an option to buy and will be registered in the U23 squad.

With their respective differences, the life of Santiago Muñoz seems to be taken from the script of the film “Goal”. The protagonist of this 2005 sports drama movie, played by the Mexican Kuno Becker, has almost the same name, Santiago Muñez. He is a child that crossed the US border with his family in search of a better life. And Santiago Muñoz is a Mexican footballer who was born in the United States.

Santiago Muñoz joins Newcastle London Betting Shop

The movie and the reality

Both are dual citizens and, coincidentally, their lives take an unexpected turn when a recruiter from Newcastle United discovers them. The English League team takes them on trial with the youth team to try their luck on the old continent.

Theoretically, the Laguna attacker has the advantage in the story of the film. He made his first division debut for Santos Laguna on 25 October 2020. On the other hand, “Santiago Muñez” was discovered in an amateur league in the United States without any football background.


With just 18 months, the young figure from Laguna will have to take advantage of the opportunities that come his way. He will have to trust his coach and teammates to be able to show his full potential in a short time.

In the film, Santiago Muñez hides that he has asthma and fails to perform in a match, losing the first opportunity given by the coach. He finally regained his confidence and managed to show his full potential to first move up to Newcastle´s Premier League. His next goal is to reach Real Madrid and fight for a place in the Merengue constellation. This is his final dream.

Grateful to Santos Laguna

Now 19 and living a movie-like life, Muñoz thanked his now-former club for the opportunity:

“I owe a lot to Santos, they helped me to fulfill my dream. My heart stays here, in La Laguna, wherever I go and wherever I am, I will be a ‘warrior’. The opportunities that Club Santos has given me are something I will never forget, and they definitely marked my life,” the striker wrote.

The last game Santiago Muñoz played for Santos Laguna was in the Guardianes 2021 final. There he played just 22 minutes in Santos’ defeat to Cruz Azul. Subsequently, the team ruled him out and made him train with the U20 team while they decide on his future.

In a total of 18 games played, he has 188 minutes played, three goals, and three assists for an average of approximately .17 goals per game, an average that should improve as soon as he gets opportunities with his new team.

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