Lionel Messi, The End Of An Era

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It is a fact that Barça is in decline and the crisis has reached its peak after a series of bad results and a season with no trophies.

The Catalan club is experiencing one of its worst seasons in its 121-year history. 

Although measures have already been taken to regenerate a team that is currently disintegrated, such as the arrival of coach Ronald Koeman, the shadow of the humiliating 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich in the Champions League is still present. It is like a nightmare that is still in the memory, difficult to overcome, and which was undoubtedly the spark that triggered a crisis that we all saw coming since it was gestating little by little.

After the Champions League, Barça has crumbled like a castle of cards speeding up the changes in the team of Leo Messi, who has already declared to the club his desire to leave and to prove luck in another team that gives the security of having an attractive and motivating sport project for the player.

And although several options are being considered, such as Manchester United, Inter Milan or PSG, it seems that Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City option may be the most convenient for Messi and the one he wants.

The player was forged with the City’s coach at the best time of the Catalan Club and Guardiola knew how to get the best out of Messi. Together they started a new era in Barcelona that is now in its final stages.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona has a clause that allows the player to leave freely, only by giving notice before the end of the season, that is, in June 2020. But the player announced to the club his desire to leave after that date, for which the club claims that in the case of his departure, the team that receives him will have to  pay the 700 million Euros to release him.


Messi and Guardiola have already made contact and further talks are planned about the possible entry of the Argentine icon into the Premier League and joining Manchester City’s squad.

Even the manager, Ronald Koeman, has already announced to Messi that he wants him to stay, as well as the President, Bartomeu has informed the player that if he has to resign so that he stays, he will do it.

Rivers of ink are being written every minute about the probable future of the great player and at the end he is the only one who will be able to decide what is his best option. 

The final decision is up to Messi. And the world will know it soon.

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