Live Casino: Do you Know Blackjack Party?

Live Casino: Do you Know Blackjack Party? - London Betting Shop

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Live Casino game Blackjack Party is a richly improved version of Evolution’s low-stakes Live Blackjack. Launched in 2014, this party-themed game is all about having fun and interacting with the charismatic and engaging duo of its TV-style lively dealers.

Blackjack Party exclusively uses a host and a co-host at the same time, so players enjoy twice the fun compared to a standard live blackjack table with a unique dealer. With them together, entertainment is guaranteed.

Game Features

One of the coolest things about Blackjack Party is that the live streaming is not a normal one but in Full HD. In addition, the party element of the game makes it stand out from the competition and adds a different dimension.

Like other Evolution Gaming products, Blackjack Party also comes with a CGI element. This is used to show the different graphics, making the game experience better. The graphics include how much a player has bet, possible side bets, winnings, etc.

How to Play Blackjack Party 

The game is played with eight decks of 52 cards each, on a standard 7-seat live table. Once the 7 available seats are full, players must bet behind those occupying the seat, just like you would do in a traditional land-based casino. This means that in one way or another, everyone can participate in Blackjack Party. That is fantastic, as the game really has a lot to offer.

In Blackjack Party, the dealer stands on 17. It is possible to split hands, but you can only do it once. In Addition, Doubling Down is allowed for the first two cards.


📱 If you want to spend your time interacting with the hosts, you can make another player take the decisions for you.  

Or if you prefer to occupy one of the available seats, but don’t feel comfortable betting on the behalf of other players, you have the option to prohibit players from betting behind you. 

🍀 If you are a player having a winning streak, a ‘Hot Players’ icon will appear in your name. This icon has a number in the middle showing how many consecutive wins you have enjoyed. 

✌ Blackjack Party also gives you the option to double down on your first two cards. In addition, you can also be able to split on any cards of the same value. 

🂨🃎 Another option is to place side bets on Perfect Pairs (Both suited and unsuited), and 21+3.

Betting Stakes

Blackjack Party is a low-stakes live casino game. Players who choose to bet behind someone sitting in one of the seven available seats can place a bet starting from a minimum of €0.50 and a maximum of €100.

As per the players who choose to sit in one of the available seats, they can place a minimum bet of €5 and a maximum bet of €1,000. 

If you love to live in a constant party, excitement and entertainment Blackjack Party is the perfect game for you!

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