Messi to be Free from Barcelona Tonight

Messi to be Free from Barcelona Tonight - London Betting Shop

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Lionel Messi will be free from FC Barcelona tonight, as his contract expires today, 30 June at 00.00 hours. So the Argentinian star will be temporarily released from the Blaugrana club, while he continues to quietly play the Copa America. The football world is waiting to see if Messi will continue to wear the Blaugrana shirt, or if he will make his debut as a new player for another team.

A life at Barça

Leo Messi made his debut for Barcelona on 16th October 2004 . It was precisely in a derby against Espanyol, and no one would have imagined that he would go so far both at the club and in the world of football in general. He has won every title with Barcelona and has been crowned the best footballer on the planet on several occasions.

He already tried in 2020

Last year at this time, Leo Messi wanted to leave FC Barcelona, informing then-president Josep Maria Bartomeu by burofax. But Bartomeu did not want to negotiate and invoked the termination clause in which the player had to pay 700 million if he wanted to leave the club. In the end, Messi decided to wait for the contract to expire.

Laporta’s attempts 

President Laporta’s attempts to get the player to sign a contract extension have been unsuccessful. Although Messi is currently not 100% happy at the club, Laporta is confident that the negotiation between the club and the player will come to a successful conclusion. He is doing his best to make it happen as quickly as possible. Laporta does not want the player to be disconnected from FC Barcelona, not even for a few hours.  


Needless to say, Laporta is also under pressure from sponsors who are also not signing contracts with Barcelona, waiting for confirmation that Leo Messi will continue to play for the Blaugrana club.

An enigma, so far

Since his debut as a professional player Lionel Messi has only played for FC Barcelona. His image is naturally linked to the club. The player has also declared on many occasions his love and devotion for the club that gave him the opportunity to grow as a professional and to become a star.

However, although there has been a lot of speculation, even “confirmed” rumors that Messi will remain at Barcelona, as of today nothing is 100% certain.

Supporters and fans cannot imagine FC Barcelona without Messi. It would be very hard to see the player wearing the shirt of another club. But in the end it is Messi’s decision, which we will know shortly.

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