Mexico Leads Latam eSports Industry

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The eSports industry, competitive professional video gaming, is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. It keeps on booming, as it doesn’t stop growing, opening up great and lucrative business opportunities.

The new generations of video game professionals, both teams and individuals, already have their place in the big competitions and the profits they are generating in prizes are increasing and attracting sponsor brands that do not hesitate to invest in their teams and partner with the best video game companies to generate more and more profits. This same trend is also ongoing in Mexico, as the fever in the eSports business is also rising at full speed and is a growing market with opportunity for investment.

Since February 2019, Mexico has recognized video games as a professional sport. Mexican broadcast giants TV Azteca and Televisa have already made investments in eSports. TV Azteca invested US$5 million in Black Ridge Acquisition Corp, an American eSports production company, and this is just the beginning, as its aim is launching a 24 hour dedicated esports TV channel between 2020 and 2021. 

In June 2019, Televisa launched BitMe, a TV channel devoted to esports, technology, anime and ‘geek culture’ more generally. BitMe will broadcast a variety of live and recorded events throughout Latin America.

According to a report by Global Markets Report, Mexico is the leading country in Latin America in terms of video game earnings, with an income of $1.8 billion, which represents 32% of the total of US$5.6 billion in the region’s outstanding countries. 

It is closely followed by another important market, Brazil, with 28% of total revenues, and in third place are the markets of Argentina, Colombia and Chile in order of importance.

But Mexico is also the country in Latin America with the highest consumption of video games, where the average annual growth has been 6.6% over the last five years, according to data from a Newzoo consumption study. On a global scale, Mexico is in the twelfth position as a video game consumer. 

In less than a year, eSports has gone from being the hobby of 70 million gamers in Mexico to becoming a professional institution that is increasingly and demanding investment. Of those 70 million Mexicans considered players, either from the computer, console, or mobile, 10% have competed professionally, which means that 7 million Mexicans have already participated in professional eSports competitions, as confirmed by the president of the Mexican Federation of eSports, Ismael Silva.


Competitions and Games

At the moment, Mexico has seven leagues between professionals and semi-professionals, formed by players who each time receive more salaries and cash prizes, confirmed Hugo Martinez, president of the Mexican Video Game League.

And when it comes to games, League of Legends is the most popular eSports game in Mexico and is played by local professional teams. The game is represented by 11 squads which have gained $161,488 in prize cash. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, considers Mexico a strategic market not only because of the size of its population and its economy but also because of the tendency of gamers to prefer playing on computers. And that is why the largest eSports league in Latin America announced on Sept. 2019 a partnership agreement with Mexican TV Azteca, Arena The Best Place To Play and Cinemex, in which from 2020 on, the eight LOL’s teams will compete in a physical venue in Mexico, in front of a live audience. After being played in Chile in 2019, from 2020 the LOL competition will move to Mexico City.

Concerning individual players from Mexico, the most played game is StarCraft II. There are 8 gamers playing this eSports genre on a competitive level and they already achieved $437,610 in rewards.

Top eSports Teams in Mexico

Name: Rainbow7

Earnings: $100,567

Name: Infinity Esports

Earnings: $57,262

Name: XTEN Esports

Earnings: $16,360

Name: Team Quetzal

Earnings: $13,876

Name: Fratres

Earnings: $10,000

Top eSports Players in Mexico

Name: SpeCial

Earnings: $322,164

Name: Cham

Earnings: $72,611

Name: Zyzz

Earnings: $48,081

Name: MarKE

Earnings: $41,775

Name: JimRising

Earnings: $28,869

Name: Seiya

Earnings: $24,600

Name: Empanizado

Earnings: $20,400

Name: Nomy

Earnings: $19,979

Name: Jirall

Earnings: $16,076

Name: Mijo

Earnings: $14,320

This proves that Mexico is the country with the most profitable gamers in Latin America.

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