MLB Betting: Why is the Pitcher the Key Player?

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Betting on the MLB is as exciting as watching a baseball game. Even the rules of the game can seem confusing sometimes, placing a bet on any game is simple and betting options are diverse.

In the game of baseball pits two teams of 9 players against each other, who occupy the positions into which the field of play is divided. All playing positions are important for the course of the game. However, the figure that stands out the most in baseball is the Pitcher. 

If you want to know everything about betting on the MLB, this article will explain all you need to know about MLB betting.

🎯 Objective of the Game

Baseball is a game of ball and bat. In each team, there are 9 players, including a pitcher, a catcher, and the rest of the players with their strategic positions distributed around the playing field. During the game, the teams take turns batting and fielding.

The objective of baseball is to score more runs than the adversary. The game consists of hitting the ball as far as possible before going around the 4 bases to complete a run. When a player achieves to round all the 4 bases before being tagged out, then another batter will step in.

The Pitcher, the Key Player

The game revolves around the action between the pitcher and the batter. Therefore, the pitcher is the player who starts the baseball game by throwing the first pitch. His objective is to get the batter out of the game, which is why he is the number one player in the game. 

Certainly, the pitcher is the most important position in baseball. He is the player who has the first opportunity to strike out the batter. He is also the most important player on the defensive side of the game, that is why his position is at the right end of the defensive spectrum.

Normally, pitchers attempt to throw the ball inside the strike zone, an area directly above the home plate, by aiming it over the area between the batter’s elbows and knees. Pitches inside the strike zone that are not hit by the batter are called strikes. If the pitcher gets three strikes, the batter is out. 

Pitches outside the strike zone that the batter does not attempt to hit, are called balls. If a pitcher throws four balls, the batter advances to the first base. This is what we call base on balls or walk. At any moment, an umpire determines whether pitches are strikes or balls.


🏅 How to be a Quality Pitcher

The pitcher is also one of the most difficult positions in the game. To develop into a quality pitcher requires constant and strict training, hard work, and drills. Pitching is the hardest training a baseball player can have, and for obvious reasons. An opener pitcher normally throws over 100 pitches per game. So he has to build up his body to get to that level. However, If he is not properly trained and he has to overexert himself on the pitches, injuries can occur.

Apart from the physical performance, it is also difficult to learn techniques and skills to be able to throw a ball 85 miles, the standard straight ball velocity of a quality pitcher. The pitcher must improve his running speed, throwing speed, endurance and mechanics. This requires hard work, dedication, discipline, and consistency t to reach a high level.

🚩 The Positions

Baseball players positions London Betting Shop

The pitcher (P) stands in the center of the diamond (baseball field) to throw pitches from a slightly elevated area (pitcher´s mound).

The catcher (C) stands behind the home plate to receive pitches that the batter misses and for other plays that require it.

③ ④ ⑤ One player at each base designated by the name of the base they guard, first (1B), second (2B), and third (3B) base.

Between second and third base there is an additional player, the shortstop (SS).

⑦ ⑧ ⑨ Three players in the large area called the outfield are the outfielders. They are designated as left (LF), center (CF), and right (RF)

In baseball, a game cannot end in a draw, and for a game to conclude, there must be a winner. If at the end of the nine innings of play the score is tied, the game will be extended until one of the teams wins.

And to conclude, a pitcher is the only player who can achieve a Perfect Game. This term, in MLB, is defined as a game in which a pitcher (or combination of them) pitches a victory that lasts nine innings minimum. This means throwing 27 pitchers and none of the batters get on base. They all strikeout, fly-out, or tagged out while trying to get to first base.

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