MLB Opening: Everything You Need to Know

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Baseball is officially back. After months of back and forth between the players association and MLB, the 2020 season is officially on as both sides have mutually agreed on the health and safety protocols.

But there will be a few rule changes that you will have to take a note of if you are going to watch the 2020 MLB season. In this post, we have included all the information and details you will need to know about the short and upcoming season of the Major League Baseball. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the content!

When Did the MLB regular season start?

The MLB regular season started in July 23rd and it is currently on going. The two opening games were Washington Nationals versus New York Yankees (results 1 – 4, victory for the Yankees) and the Los Angeles Dodgers versus San Francisco Giants (results 8- 1, victory for the Dodgers). Since MLB will be attempting to conduct almost 60 games in 66 days, it was requested the players to report to the camp on July 1st so that they start their spring training.


How many games will be played this season?

The number of games that should be played in the 2020 season of MLB has been a topic of debate lately. Although the league had previously proposed to conduct as many as 50 games, it is going to be a regular 60 game season. The players association on the other hand had proposed as many as 114 games for the 2020 season. But that was not possible given the new coronavirus cases in MLB. A regular season with more than 60 games was just not feasible.

What about the MLB playoff format?

Contrary to popular belief, the playoff will not expand to 16 teams for the 2020 season. It was a part of the previous proposals but the MLB has not included it in the 2020 season. There will be 10 teams in the playoff. That means there will be three-division winners and two wild cards per league.

How much will the players get paid?

Well, this has been a topic of interest for most MLB followers. Since it is a 60 game season, The players will get prorated salaries. For example, if there is a player that makes over $25 million per year, it will only make around $10 million this year. However, there are many players that have already been paid a percentage of their original agreement that was signed on March 26th. That day, almost $170 million were distributed among the players. 

We have been waiting for so long for the major league baseball season to start. It is really great news that we are going to have the season in spite of the pandemic – something that we can really look forward to during these challenging times. Are you going to watch MLB 2020? Let us know in the comments section!

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