Most Common Roulette Numbers to Bet On

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One of the most asked questions online, especially when it comes to playing roulette, is which numbers/bets are the most common one should rely on.

The game of roulette has numbers from 0 to 36, and they are arranged in such a way that they have an equal chance of coming up. But let’s not forget that this is a game of chance, so winning depends entirely on the odds. At each spin of the ball, the probability of a winning number is 1/37. 

Believe it or not, there are many superstitions attached to gambling, and players always need some assurance that they are going to win. That is why we will go through a few numbers that come up quite frequently in the roulette game.

We hope this little overview will help you win money at roulette.

Most Common Roulette Numbers to Bet On

The Roulette Superstitions

Players are known to have crossed the lines with their roulette superstitions like ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers and others related to the spinning wheel. They want to know which numbers are good to place a bet and which ones are not. Believe it or not, there are many players that ‘invest’ a lot of effort to know which kind of numbers (black, red, even, odd) are making people win.

However, there are other players that have their own beliefs about numbers and they always bet on the same. But whatever your decision will be when betting on the ones you think will drop, it is also stimulating the prelude of making your own research before start gaming.

The Casinos Play Their Part

That’s right. Casinos around the world understand that players want to get lucky by knowing the frequency of certain bets. Therefore, they keep track of the most common bets and numbers and even share their statistics with the players, allowing them to plan their bets carefully. The tote boards show statistics for the most common winning numbers for the last ten spins.

Most Common Roulette Numbers

When we talk about the most common roulette numbers, we will need to consider the most common ‘beliefs’ as well as the statistics. Let’s get started.


Twenty-three and Twenty-four

Many players believe that numbers 𝟚𝟛 and 𝟚𝟜 are the first two numbers that anyone would see on a roulette table. Believe it or not, this simple rationale is enough for gamblers to put their money on it.


is a popular number as well for gamblers. It is the ‘luckiest number’ and gamblers’ love for the digit does show on the roulette table. Most players tend to choose lucky number . The most logical reasoning behind that is the number is quite integrated into our life. We have a week of seven days; there are seven continents, seven seas, the rainbow has colors, the sound has notes. And of course, Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7)⚽.


However, the most common number bet in roulette is number ⓱. This number is known to have delivered some of the most spectacular wins in gambling history. And even dealers suggest betting on ⓱! 

There are, however, many reasons behind the suggestion. First of all, the number ⓱ is placed in the center of the table. Unlike the 𝟚𝟛 and 𝟚𝟜 we discussed earlier, the number becomes the obvious choice due to its placement. Also, the number ⓱ is regarded as the most random of all. This means that if people want to go random with their bets, they’ll most probably choose ⓱.

The number ⓱ is the most common roulette number bet given its history. It has rewarded Sean Connery three times in a row with $27,000. Also, Mike Ashley, Newcastle United’s owner won £1.3 million by betting on ⓱! 


It is a fact that people are superstitious and it’s no secret that they tend to avoid number ⑬. This one may be an unlucky number for some but also lucky for others.

There are some hotel owners that can skip from 12 straight to 14, but there are others who support ⑬ as a positive number with lots of favorable theories. Or even, as a rebel act, they simply like number ⑬ because it is avoided by the rest.

Just like detectives act on their “hunches”, students taking exams knock on wood, or people cross their fingers before important events, chances and odds are there to make players’ experience more exciting. It is a question of adrenaline!

Do you have already your favorite numbers ready when betting in a roulette game? 

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Gambling can be addictive. Please know your limits and gamble responsibly