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It seems that Luka Doncic’s emotional nature is taking its toll on him. The Slovenian has already accumulated 12 technicals fouls and he is only 4 four more to be automatically suspended for one game. We are already in the second part of the NBA season, and bets on the Mavericks games can be more exciting especially with the behavior and performance of a player like Doncic, influencing also on the betting odds.

Doncic is the second player with the most technical fouls in the NBA this season, following the leader Dwight Howard of the Philadelphia 76ers with 13 fouls. 

Concern in the Mavs

This is already starting to worry the Dallas Mavericks, even though they know the 22-year-old point guard is an emotional competitor and needs his character to perform at his best in every game. However, even if these fouls are a lesser evil, the Slovenian has already crossed the danger line and is close to a one-game suspension. 

At this stage of the season, a game without Luka Magic with his excellent level can be defining and do a lot of damage to the Dallas Mavericks’ stats, which are actually in the 7th position of the Eastern Conference.

Doncic’s Three-point Shootings

And the reason is Luka’s magic three-point shootings this season, being one of the NBA’s most dangerous shooters. 

This is one of his offensive strategies, and he has been on fire from deep in February, hitting nearly 45 percent of his threes. When Luka hits three points shots, there is simply nothing a defender can do to stop him. His season-long three-point percentage is now up to 34.9 percent.

The baseline for being an excellent three-point shooter in the NBA is a 40 percent shooting mark, although not all shooters are equal. Doncic is a significantly better shooter than his percentages suggest because of the type of shots he takes and makes.

With astonishing numbers, no player his age has ever matched Luka Doncic’s level in the NBA. Averaging 28.5 points, 8.7 assists, and 8.1 rebounds, the Dallas Mavericks star has been tearing opponents apart with his stellar three-pointers.


Strong Contender for MVP 2021 

Luka Doncic is strengthening his MVP candidacy with his three-pointers. He is the best shooter in the NBA since mid-February.

Doncic is the star of the game and all eyes are on him when the Mavericks play, as the team does not have many other playmakers or shooters to open up space for him.

But what is certain is that from now on the player will have to be very careful not to cause any more fouls. This means not to protest against referees, something that has become a fixture in Luka’s NBA games.

But it could be counterproductive if he has to appease his character in the game. Doncic ´s emotional temper on the court just shows how much he cares and how much he is looking for victory.

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