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It was yesterday evening, in the match Lakers vs Raptors, where spectators could watch a real game battle. However, it was not a fight in sporting terms, but a match of punches, slaps, and even wrestling holds. It was a real quarrel in the NBA.

Everything happened in the first quarter of the game, and fortunately only took few minutes. In the end, it was all over with the ejection of the Lakers’ Montrezl Harrell and the Raptors’ OG Anunoby.

The Play and the Foul

The spark for the unsporting scuffle was a hard foul by Lakers’ German point guard Dennis Schroder on OG Anunoby, triggering one of the fights of the season in the NBA.

Schroder, on a play in which he prevented the Raptors player from scoring while driving hard to the basket, finally stopped the shot with a slap. Anunoby responded by grabbing his opponent’s leg and threw him to the floor in a wrestling hold. 

This resulted in Montrezl Harrell intervening in the incident, coming to the defense of Dennis Schröder who was tackled. Harrell appeared on the scene, throwing a couple of shoves at his opponent. And so the quarrel began.


the fight between NBA Lakers and Raptors - London

In the end, it was the referees who had to separate the players from both teams. And after checking the replay several times, they decided to eject OG Anunoby and Montrezl Harrell.

The two players watched the game from the locker room, and are awaiting a possible sanction from the NBA.

Too Many Absences in LA Lakers 

After the ejections, the game calmed down and continued till the end. The final result was 101-110 in favor of LA Lakers who are in a moment in which they can’t give anything away.

Montrezl Harrell’s ejection is a tough loss for the Lakers, who are already playing without the injured Anthony Davis and Lebron James. In addition, their new acquisition Andre Drummond is also out with a foot injury.

These major absences make it more difficult for the team to keep its stats and climb up the ranks in the season. 

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