NFL: Odds to Win the Super Bowl 55!

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The NFL’s biggest event is about to take place, pitting the finalists, Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the reigning champions of the previous edition of the Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs. This Super Bowl 55 will take place in Tampa, Florida, at the home of the Buccaneers, and odds are available to bet on the winner.

The date will be next 8 February 2021 and the half-time musical show will be performed by the pop star The Weeknd.

Brady and Mahomes

This is going to be one of the most exciting Super Bowl matches. The reason is that it will pit two superstars quarterbacks: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. So it will be a generational duel between them. Brady will be looking for his seventh ring, and Mahomes will be going for his second in a row.

Tom Brady, in his first season as a Buccaneer, has done a stellar job, guiding the team to the final. He will face the defending champions, with Mahomes leading, the man with the biggest contract in the sport’s history.

For the first time in the NFL’s 100-year history, the last two title winners will meet in a Super Bowl. Mahomes won it in 2020 in Miami. Brady did it in 2019 in Atlanta, at that time defending the New England Patriots.

Super Bowl Titles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have only played in one Super Bowl in their whole history and won it. It was in 2003 against the Carolina Panthers.

Now with Brady leading, the franchise has a very good chance of winning the title for the second time, after 18 years.

As for the Chiefs have a slightly more successful track record. They have won two Super Bowls, with a 50-year gap between them!

Their first title came in 1970 over the Minnesota Vikings. That was three years after the Chiefs lost in the first-ever Super Bowl against the winners Green Bay Packers.

Chief´s second Super Bowl was last year, in 2020, over the San Francisco 49ers, with Mahomes already defending the franchise.


Crazy Figures

According to ESPN, the star quarterback Tom Brady will receive $500,000 if the Buccaneers win Super Bowl LV.

The player already cashed in on a $500,000 contract incentive when the Bucs won the NFC Championship Game over the Green Bay Packers, on Sunday 24 January. 

Brady has collected a total of $1.25 million in incentives during Tampa Bay’s postseason run. He won $500,000 for making it to the playoffs. $250,000 more when the Bucs’ wild-card won at Washington, and another $500,000 for the divisional playoff victory against the New Orleans Saints.

About Patrick Mahomes, his incentives are already signed in his lucrative contract. In 2021, Mahomes will earn a base salary of $990,000, plus a roster bonus of $21,716,905 and a workout bonus of $100,000. 

The Odds

If you think that Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Tom Brady ahead will win the Super Bowl 55, here you can find the odds.

The odds for Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs to be the champions again this season are available here.

Who do you think will get the Super Bowl 55 home?

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