Online Betting: Dare With Boxing!

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Boxing is sometimes called English boxing or Irish boxing, although it is colloquially known as box. A boxing combat is something really special and exciting to watch, and the different ways of online betting on boxing attract a lot of bettors who want to get a good financial return, apart from enjoying the fights.

This is a contact sport in which two competitors fight each other using only their fists, protected by gloves. As a specific characteristic, the game allows hitting the opponent only from the waist upwards.

The combat takes place within a specially designed ring. The fight is carried out in short fighting sequences called rounds, and following specific rules that regulate the weight categories, or duration of the fights, among other things.

🥊 Origins

The origin of boxing is African and dates back to 6000 BC. From there, it spread first to Egypt and Greece, after to Mesopotamia, and from there to India.

The word “boxing” was already used in England in the 16th century to refer to a fist fight. But the first record of a boxing match, as a sporting event, dates from 1681, while the first use of the word “boxing” to refer to the sport dates from 1711.

Boxing has had loyal fans all over the world for decades. There have been many protagonists of this contact sport that have inspired several generations. Boxing stars such as Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Floyd Mayweather or Oscar de la Hoya, among others, are names that have always been known. All of them have been heroes and sources of inspiration for many fans.

Every year there are several high-profile combats with countless bet markets available. Fortunately for the bettors, boxing is such a deep-rooted sport means that there are fights to bet on very often.


🔥 An Expected Fight

A real challenge from the past took place on Nov. 28, 2020 in Los Angeles, when the legendary Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. stepped into the ring in a special eight-round bout combat.

Twenty years ago, a fight between these two warriors would have been one of the most stellar fights of the year. Tyson, at 54 years old stepped into the ring for the first time in 15 years. Concerning Roy Jones Jr., 51, had his last fight two years ago.

The news of this exhibition duel between the legendary former champions was an occasion for bettors to look for the best odds to bet on their favorite boxer.

The eight round exhibition combat between the two legends finally ended in a draw.

💰 Start Betting on Boxing

There are many ways to bet on boxing. The most common is to predict which boxer will win the fight. However, the limited number of options (boxer 1 wins, boxer 2 wins, or draw) means that it can be difficult to find good odds in these types of markets unless you are following different fights and want to include several boxers in a combined bet.

But there are also other ways to increase the value when online betting on boxing. Is to do it to the victory method, that is, by KO or by the decision of the judges, bets by rounds, and bets by the total of rounds that will be disputed. 

These bets increase the number of potential “winner” results from 3 to 5 and thus also improve the odds.

For example, if you think Mike Tyson will beat Roy Jones, the odds will be relatively low for Iron Mike’s victory. However, the odds will be improved if you bet on Tyson to win by knockout, by decision, or by the number of rounds.

Generally, betting options are available both before and during the game.

✅ Tips to Betting on Boxing

It is important to have knowledge of boxing and to know the fighters well in order to make intelligent bets. This will help you to generate profits. As you spend more time betting on the outcome, you will appreciate how technical skill and physical power influence in every punch and push.

Be sure to review the fighters’ previous combats at their current fighting level. Also consider their height, weight, and range.

Also consider each opponent’s style, and whether one has movements that will overrun the other.

Once you’re ready, you’ll have plenty of bets to choose from.

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