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Live Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest casino games to play. It is similar to Baccarat, since players do not compete against the dealer, but have to choose between two possible outcomes: the dragon or the tiger. Live Dragon Tiger is a simple two-card online casino game where players bet on which card will have the higher amount. 

And if you are not a fan of rules, then this online casino game is certainly for you!.

What is Dragon Tiger?

The name Dragon Tiger comes from the Buddhist philosophy of balance of power. The tiger represents toughness, brave, and power, while the dragon is calmer, patient, and wise. Neither competitor can defeat the other, but they are worthy opponents.

Dragon Tiger is a fast and easily scalable game, that is why is a very suitable game for the live format. The appeal of Dragon Tiger is its simplicity, which allows for smooth play without interruption or hesitation. 

Live Dragon Tiger is hosted in a visually pleasing studio with distinctly oriental decorations, and the dealers are aware of the Asian heritage of the game. 

How to Play Dragon Tiger?

In the game, players place their wagers on either the dragon or the tiger, along with any side bets. The cards are ranked as they are in Poker excepting of aces which are always valued at 1. 

Once the wagers are placed the dealer then takes two cards from the 8 decks of cards that are on offer. One card on the Dragon designated field and one card on the Tiger side of the table. The higher card is the winner.

The aim of players when playing on Live Dragon Tiger is to not only have a good time but also to end the game with the best wins. Even though there is a lot of luck involved with Dragon Tiger, there are a few strategies that players could use to improve their chances. 


Dragon Tiger Bet Strategies

Based purely on the stats, it’s better to stick with the primary bet, the Dragon Tiger bet. However, if you prefer to counting cards, the game also offers the following range of side bets. Take note so that you can create your own strategy:

  1. The Tie bet returns a stake of 11 to 1, however, the odds are lower.
  2. The Suited Tie bet is much kinder to the player, with possible payouts of 50 to 1.
  3. The Big Small bet is another one in which players choose whether a particular card will be greater or less than 7. If the card is exactly equal to 7, the bet is lost. 
  4. Odd/Even is another bet where, as the name suggests, players predict whether the card will be even or odd. This one is not offered by all casinos.
  5. The Suite bet pays 3:1. A player chooses this one when he bets to predict the suit of a particular card.
  6. The Two Red and Two Black bets allow players to bet on whether both cards will be black or red. It pays 3 to 1. Parallel to this is the one red and one black side bet which, of course, has the same odds. This type of betting goes very well with card counting.

To Conclude

One of the best things about Live Dragon Tiger is that there is no bookmaker margin because the game comes with a tie option. This option ensures that casinos will have an edge in all rounds regardless of the outcome.

Another great advantage of playing such a simple online casino game like Dragon Tiger is that everyone can play it and bet easily.  

Now that we have revealed to you all about Dragon Tiger, you can try it at London Betting Shop!

Gambling can be addictive. Please know your limits and gamble responsibly