Online Casino: Win Playing Crazy Time!

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London Betting Shop is offering our customers the opportunity to play Crazy Time, another great online Casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. 

This crazy game combines the best from Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher, offering a new and dense colorful wheel where the four colors, blue, yellow, pink, and purple indicate the different bonus games you can benefit from. 

Betting on Crazy Time is similar to that of Dream Catcher. You only have to place your bet on the numbers present on the wheel and hope your chosen one will drop. You can also bet on the four special bonuses, as we will explain later on. 

How to Play Crazy Time

The steps to play the game are quite simple:

1- Visit our site at LBS and choose Crazy Time in the live casino section. 

2- Once you are in the game, you can place your bets by choosing one or more of the 8 different bets.

3- After that, the host will start spinning the wheel. Since the wheel has got 54 segments, the bets are divided equally between them. If the wheel stops at your chosen number, the multipliers will get activated. And if the wheel stops at a specific bonus, the bonus round will get activated.

The Bonuses

The Crazy Time game offers four special bonuses that appear as multipliers in every round:  Cash Hunt, CoinFlip, Crazy Time, and Pachinko. 

Here you have a brief description of how each works:

Cash Hunt 

This is the very first bonus that you will discover in the game. Your screen will have a number of multipliers that will later turn into colorful symbols. The symbols or icons are shuffled and then hidden in the multiplier’s location. You will then be able to pick a multiplier by firing at the location using a cannon!. 


This bonus is based on the classic concept of flipping a coin and making decisions according to the result of the flip. The coin you flip in Crazy Time has two sides colored with red and blue color. Each of the sides is associated with a multiplier value. You will first have to pick a color and then flip the coin to unlock this bonus.


Crazy Time

Crazy Time is not only the name of the game but also the name of one of its bonuses. In this, you get a massive wheel that can boost your score by up to 200 times! The wheel can also double your future winnings. You’ll have to choose from the three flappers on the large wheel and you win at the end of the round accordingly.


Lastly, you have a bonus named Pachinko that will display a large purple screen. Evolution will decide the tile to drop the ball from and you will win a prize depending on where the ball will land. 

Now that you have more knowledge on the online Casino Crazy Time you can start playing a few games to win its awesome prizes! 

Are you ready to play the most fun casino game ever?

Register and play Crazy Time now with London Betting Shop!