Ranking the 10 Oldest Sports in the World

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Sport is an important part of humanity since the dawn of civilization. 4.000 years ago, in China sports were practicing. In Egypt and Persia, wrestling, javelin throwing, high jumping, or martial arts for battle were very popular. However, it was the ancient Greeks who organized their entire sporting culture into a celebration that is still alive since 776 BC: The Olympic Games. Celebrated every four years, the event helped to spread sports around the world and so the number of followers. Competitions turned into a mass phenomenon and sports became a billion-dollar industry. And so did the betting market, where fans try to anticipate the outcome of the games by placing their bets.

Most Ancient Sports

Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat and is regarded as the most ancient sport in the world, with archaeological evidence that proves it. The famous cave paintings in Lascaux, France, dates back to 15,300 years ago, and depict wrestlers.

Running is also one of the oldest sports. Early humans had to chase and hunt animals to survive. Human running probably evolved over 4.5 billion years. And with the practice of running after the prey until it is too exhausted to flee, humans developed into endurance runners. However, running as an organized athletic competition dates back to 776 BC in the Olympic Games in Greece. But there is a formerly recorded running competition held in Ireland in 1829 BC.

The infographic shows chronologically 10 of the oldest sports in human history.  Some have been practiced for so long that they are already part of human DNA, which is is evidenced in many of the athletes competing today.

Ranking the 10 oldest Sports in the World - London Betting Shop

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