Slot Machines: Bet On John Hunter and The Book of Tut


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One of our funniest and easiest sections are those of slot machines, with very different themes each, making the game and betting more enjoyable.

Today we will talk about the game John Hunter and The Book of Tut.

The Pharaoh

This is an easy game inspired by ancient Egypt. The main theme is Pharaoh TUT, the short name for Tutankhamon, who reigned in Egypt in the 18th dynasty. He was called “the child Pharaoh” because he was proclaimed King of Egypt at the age of 9 years. He died at a very young age, about 19 years old. This historical character revolutionized the world of Egyptology when his intact tomb was discovered in 1922, in the Valley of the Kings, in Luxor. The discoverer of the tomb was the Englishman Howard Carter. He spent more than 3 years digging in the area because he always thought that he would discover some important tomb there. And so it was, finally. The discovery of the tomb and all the intact treasures found in it taught us to better understand life in ancient Egypt and the customs of that time.


The Adventurer

In this slot machine game, apart from the Pharaoh we also have another character, the most dynamic, John Hunter, an adventurer on the hunt for in-game treasures. As you may have guessed, John Hunter himself is the highest-paying symbol in this game, along with the Book symbol, but there are also 3 other related Egyptian symbols of higher value, which are the statue of Pharaoh, and that of the Gods the Cat and the Beetle. It takes 3 to 5 equal symbols in a combination to win.


The Prizes

This is the pay table of the game:

John Hunter – Pay 500x for 5 on a pay line
Book wild / scatter – Pay 200x for 5 anywhere
Pharaoh’s Head – Pay 200 times for 5 on a pay line
Cat statue: pay 75x for 5 on a pay line
Scarab Statue – Pay 75x for 5 on a pay line
Real symbols: pay 15x to 10x for 5 on a pay line

The maximum payout of the game is 5,500 times your stake, with the maximum payout potential of 5,000 being the standard for most of the slot machines.

Do you dare to play now?

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Gambling can be addictive. Please know your limits and gamble responsibly