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Today’s world cannot live without social media. For a few years now, words such as “hashtag”, “retweet” or “like” have become part of our vocabulary and our daily lives. Social networks are tools that most of the population uses to get information, interact, talk to their friends or express their opinions. Moreover, it is advisable for any bettor to keep an eye on Social networks before placing their soccer bets.

The reach of social media has boomed in recent years, and companies, businesses, sports, religions, entertainment, and so many sectors depend on the living thing that social media is. And so do the world of football, the most followed sport on the planet.

Followers and Social Network Platforms

According to WorldAtlas, 4 billion people are football fans, which means almost half of the world´s population. And social networks are tremendously present in the world of football, being key to the growth of clubs.

Social networks are the tools with which football clubs and players can speak directly to their fans. They promote and post any information they want to share with their supporters and users are required to keep an eye on what’s happening on the internet practically all day long. 

The most used Social Media platforms are Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

The Top 5 Clubs With Most Followers

According to a report published by the firm Deloitte in January 2021, the following are the top 5 clubs with the highest number of social media followers.

Top 5 Soccer Clubs with most followers on Social Media - London Betting Shop

These are followed by Liverpool (91,7m), Paris Saint Germain (89,6m), Bayern Munich (87,1m), Arsenal (76,4 m), and Manchester City (75,9m).

And you? Do you follow your team through Social Network?

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