Sports Betting: Legends Who Made History

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The world of Sports gives us the chance to get to know great stars internationally. Sports such as football, basketball, tennis, or boxing, among others, have seen incredible legends passing by. Thanks to the sports legends, fans and audiences watch the games, and sports betting is an amazing opportunity to win with the favorites. 

Some of them are still active and some are not with us anymore. But although they left, they are still at the top, as many of their achievements are practically impossible to beat.

Since the ancient Olympic Games, which created great athletes like Chionis of Sparta, the sports world is full of athletes of any nationality, any sport, and from any time in the history of the planet.

All these sports legends deserve a place in history for their incredible achievements. In this article we will make a compilation of the best athletes in history. Although it is not easy to reduce them to only the list below, those who are mentioned undoubtedly deserve it.

Top Athletes of All Times

⚽ Soccer


The Brazilian footballer made his debut at 16 with the Brazilian national team, and the following year he scored 6 goals in the World Cup, making Brazil crowned champion. To this day, Pelé is the only football player three-time world champion. He scored 1,282 goals in 1,366 official matches between clubs and the national team.


The second honourable place is for Maradona, undoubtedly another football legend with an amazing story of sports achievements behind. 

The Argentinian, who debuted at 15 in the argentine first division, left moments to remember, especially at the World Cup, where he shone at Mexico 1986 and Italy 1990. He is within the Olympus of football and known as the best left-handed player in the history of world football.

Unfortunately, the Argentine football star passed away last November, shocking both the sporting world and the whole world in general.

🥊 Boxing

Muhammad Ali

The boxing icon was not only a sportsman. He was also a very influential social figure, leading many social and humanitarian struggles. He competed in the biggest and most important fights in history. The Presidential Medal of Freedom or his admission to the International Boxing Hall of Fame are among his most prestigious awards.

🏀 Basketball

Michael Jordan

There is no doubt that the greatest basketball player of all time is also one of the greatest sportsmen in history. Jordan won the NBA 6 times, was the top scorer 10 times and other achievements such as 6 MVP of the Finals or 5 MVP of the season. He also won two Olympic gold medals with the United States.


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🏈 American Football

Tom Brady

The former New England Patriots quarterback has been NFL MVP three times and Super Bowl MVP four times. He has also been selected 14 times for the Pro Bowl (consecutively since 2009) and five times for the All-Pro teams. 

Tom Brady is nicknamed the “Lord of the Rings” for being the only player to have won the NFL Super Bowl six times, including nine American Conference and 16 Eastern Division championships.

After nearly two decades with the England Patriots, the legend joined the Tampa Buccaneers in March 2020, thus starting a new stage in his already successful career.

🎾 Tennis

Roger Federer

The Swiss tennis player is the best in history, closely followed by Spain’s Rafa Nadal. Still active, he is currently the player who has won the most Grand Slams: 20. He was number 1 in the Ranking for 310 weeks. He is leading the first position of Forbes´ highest-paid athletes list of 2020, with $106.3 million annual earnings.

Serena Williams

In this game in which the woman´s championship is also very important, we have to mention the american tennis player Williams, with her 23 Grand Slam titles and 4 olympic medals. She has been number one during 300 weeks in the WTA ranking. 

🏁 Formula 1

Michael Schumacher

The world of Formula 1 cannot be mentioned without the name of Michael Schumacher, one of the best pilots in its history. The German driver won 7 world championships, accumulating in his career 155 podiums and 91 victories. Unfortunately, the serious accident he suffered in 2013 while skiing with his family, took him away from the circuits and since then, there is no official news about his health conditions.

🏌 Golf 

Tiger Woods

Considered the best golfer of all times and one of the best sportsmen in history. Woods has won 15 majors, the second most won: 5 Augusta Masters, 3 US Open, 4 PGA Championship and 3 British Open. Woods is a born winner, despite some scandals in his personal life. He is between the top 10 world’ s highest-paid athletes, in Forbes’ list.

🏃 Track and Field 

Usain Bolt

11 world titles and 8 Olympic medals are some of the most important achievements of this Jamaican sprinter. Usain Bolt is a specialist in speed, world and Olympic champion in the 100 and 200 m flat.

The sprinter is considered the fastest man in history, starting his golden period in 2008. He was awarded the “Athlete of the Year” prize by the International Athletics Federation on several occasions. He retired from the track after the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London, with an exemplary career. Since then, the athleticism world is missing his slim figure and his permanent smile on the tracks.

🏊 Swimming

Michael Phelps

During his career, this shark of the seas has achieved 28 Olympic medals, 23 of them gold. No Olympic athlete in history has ever been more dominant than Phelps, being the most awarded of all time and the one with the most gold medals in international tournaments. Phelps impressively dominated the world of swimming for 12 years, where most athletes have a max of 4- or 8-year shelf life to succeed. It will be very difficult to find another swimmer that can beat the records of Michael Phelps. 

This list is only the top of the Iceberg since there will be not enough room to mention all athletes who have left their mark in the world of sports, becoming the legends in the records of history.

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