Super League: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus Challenge UEFA

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European Super League is still alive, despite UEFA and the major European leagues trying to pretend the project is dead. The reality is that the process of setting up the ambitious tournament is at a standstill, but not canceled. And there are still three members who continue to support the project.

Twelve European clubs joined forces to carry out an ambitious project supported by a very solid structure. But this was not at all to the liking of those who monopolize the football business. The project had many problems in terms of form, substance, strategy, and publicity. This fact has worked in favor of those who do not want to have the Super League as a competitor.

The Super League Project

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Inter Milan, Milan, and Juventus signed a commercial agreement to create a company called European Super League Company SL. All the club involved shared the same number of shares.

Even though nine of the 12 founding members surrendered to pressure from UEFA, the reality is that at the moment, none of them has formally withdrawn from the Super League project. 

Only Barça, Madrid, and Juventus did not withdraw from the project and are still supporting the Super League. On the other hand, UEFA is still doing its utmost to ensure that the Champions League remains the most important competition in the world.


It is Not Over Yet

According to the newspaper SPORT, all founding members of the European Super League continue to hold their shares. No club has initiated any process to sell them. So the resignations have, for the time being, only been verbal. The clubs in question, have not either reported the signed contract to a Court of law. And this means that Super League is still alive, and kicking.

Clubs Under Threat

UEFA is still determined to expel Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus from the Champions League, and has already opened disciplinary proceedings against the three clubs. The organization announced in an official statement that had opened disciplinary proceedings for a possible violation of UEFA’s legal framework.

On their part, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus also issued a joint statement rejecting UEFA’s insistent coercion of three of the most important institutions in the history of football. They also demanded respect and stood up to UEFA after the opening of disciplinary proceedings. What will be the next step?

What is certain is that the Super League is still alive and the conflict seems far from being resolved.

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