The Ability To Bet On Snooker

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Snooker requires accuracy, game planning, and patience, all of these in a quiet and silent environment.  This is a game of marking and positioning, and the players get points for winning shots and penalty packages for the opponent’s fouls. Snooker is a popular sport to play, watch, and bet on.

Snooker Origins

In the 19th century, the British Armed Forces stationed in India played billiards as their pastime. They used to play the most popular games that were black pool and pyramid pool. 

Snooker is a combination of both games. The first official set of rules for snooker were drafted in 1882 in Madras province. It was finally introduced in England in 1885. 

The English amateur championship was the first official competition that took place in 1916. 

The name snooker is a military term for inexperienced or first year cadets. An officer of the British Indian Army called “a real snooker”, to a player who missed a shot during a billiard game, referring to his lack of experience. 

The Snooker Table

Snooker is played on a rectangular table covered with a green cloth, with pockets at each of the four corners, and in the middle of each long side. The snooker table is 1.8m wide and 3.6m long, on which are arranged all the balls that players will study carefully from all angles during the game.

To play Snooker you need 21 colored balls, 1 cue ball ⚪ and a cue stick. 

The players use alternately the cue ball to hit the other balls with the cue stick. Fifteen red balls placed forming the triangle and another six balls with the following colors: black, pink, blue, brown, green, and yellow, each one with its fixed point on the table. 

The scores of the balls are as follows:

🔴 1 point   🟡 2 points   🟢 3 points   🟤 4 points   🔵 5 points   🟣 6 points   ⚫ 7 points

Initial position of the balls


How to Play and Bet on Snooker 

The aim of the game is to score more points than the opponent when finishing a frame or table. A player can score points in two ways: by pocketing balls in one of the six pockets on the table or by causing the opponent to fault. But for that, the balls must be pocketed in a certain order. First a red ball and then a colored ball, and so on until one ball fails (unintentionally or strategically) and it is the opponent’s round. 

It’s not just a matter of throwing and pocketing a ball, but you have to do it in an orderly fashion. You must throw a certain ball into one of the pockets so that it stays in the position you need it to be able to throw a colored one, and so successively. This way, when you can’t do it and you have to give your turn to your opponent, but you must shoot the ball in such a way that it hides from the opponent and it is difficult for him to make his game.

Before you bet on Snooker, learn the player’s styles well. Snooker is a game capable of changing abruptly in a matter of seconds. That is why the bettor must pay special attention throughout the game. For example, in a bad shot, a player can go from being about to solve a frame in his favor, to give the points to his opponent. So in order to successfully bet on snooker (live, especially), it is essential to sharpen one’s intuition and interpretation of what one is seeing.

Number of Players 

Snooker is usually played individually, i.e., two people playing independently. But the rules also allow being played by four people playing in teams.

Generally, snooker matches are played at the best of an odd number of frames. Currently, the match with the highest number of frames is played to the best of 35 in the World Championship final. The shortest matches at the professional level are to the best 7 frames in the Player Tour Championship (PTC) tournaments.

A snooker match ends when one of the players, the winner, reaches the previously stipulated number of frames.


World Championship 

It is the most important in terms of both professional recognition and economic amount. The tournament takes place in Sheffield, England. It uses a direct elimination system in the qualifying phase and in the final round of 32 participants.

UK Championship 

It is the second most important tournament after the World Championship and the fourth oldest tournament.

Masters (snooker) 

It is the third oldest tournament after the World Championship.

Triple Crown 🥇🥇🥇

Players who win the UK Championship, the Masters, and the World Championship tournaments over the course of their career, win the Triple Crown.

Currently, the world champion of Snooker is Britain’s Ronnie O’Sullivan. They call him ‘The Rocket’ because of the speed of his game and this is his sixth World Cup, after those won in 2001, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2013.

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