The Spiciest Scandals in the World of Sports

The Spiciest Scandals in the World of Sports -

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In the world of sports, the most outstanding athletes are usually put on a pedestal by their fans because of their great abilities in their disciplines. But they are human, and some can be the weakest ones in their personal lives. There have been all sorts of scandals in sports history, but in this article, we will mention the 5 spiciest ones.

Read on to discover case number one, the most shocking of all.

John Terry: Cheating in Chelsea

5John Terry, Chelsea´s defender, was involved in one of the spiciest sports scandals in 2009. The British player allegedly had a four-month affair with Vanessa Perroncel, the ex-girlfriend of Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge. Most scandalously, Terry was married since 2007, and the affair began shortly after Bridge’s split from Vanessa.

The affair caused a rift between Bridge and Terry. Consequently, Bridge retired from international football, and Terry was stripped of his captaincy of the team.

Boris Becker: Forced error

4Boris Becker, the German former world number 1 professional tennis player, was constantly unfaithful to his then-wife, Barbara Feltus. In 1999, between each Wimbledon match, he had an affair with model Angela Ermakova. Until dating went from being a casual encounter to become a nightmare for the tennis player. The woman made sure she got pregnant behind Becker’s back, and after 9 months she presented herself with the daughter of the sportsman.

Finally, they reached an agreement of 4 million euros. As per Decker’s declarations: “It was an action that lasted five seconds. A mistake that will haunt me for the rest of my life”. The scandal led to the separation of Becker and Feltus in 2001.


Oscar Pistorius: Bloody Valentine’s

3The South African Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius was accused of murdering his girlfriend, the model Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February 2013. The evening prior to Valentine’s day, when police officers entered his house they found his girlfriend dead, lying in a pool of blood. The sports star was the main accused of the crime and was brought to justice.

Pistorius’s defense argued that he had mistaken her for a burglar, but the reality was that in a jealous attack, he fired four shots with his 9-millimeter pistol on the top model, killing her.

The successful man who astonished the world with his carbon-fiber prosthetic limbs and competitive spirit ended up in a Johannesburg jail serving a sentence for manslaughter.



Tiger Woods:  Gift for Thanksgiving

2At the peak of the world’s richest golfer’s career, his personal scandal put him on an even higher level than his golfing achievements. It was at Thanksgiving time in 2009 when his wife discovered intimate text messages between him and a mistress. That was just the tip of the iceberg, though.

After Tiger’s infidelity became public, another 11 other women admitted having had an affair with him at one point in their marriage. Woods obviously divorced and lost custody of his children. Since then he has not been the top man in the world of golf that he used to be.


O.J. Simpson: Never-ending case

1In 1994, American football star O. J. Simpson was accused of the brutal murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ronald Goldman, a friend who was with her at the moment of the crime.

In a lengthy criminal trial that also attracted international media attention, his lawyers eventually won the case against the prosecution, and in 1995 he was acquitted.

However, the O.J. Simpson case remains an embarrassment to US justice. The former player escaped from a criminal conviction, but he was civilly condemned by the family of the murdered Ron Goldman which is still claiming millions to him. After 27 years, Simpson is still in the crosshairs of justice.


We have only mentioned 5 of the spiciest scandals in sports, but do you know more cases?

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