Top 5 highest-grossing movies about sports

Top 5 highest-grossing movies about sports - London Betting Shop

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Since the beginning of silent cinema and over decades, sports movies have been always a very attractive theme for Hollywood. Whether is a biopic based on true events or a fiction movie, there is nothing better than a good sports drama, and if it is combined with an inspiring argument, there you have the formula to be a blockbuster.

Sports movies are considered as a genre, although they are really just a setting. They are also quite predictable with the formula of the hero overcoming adversity and winning the final game at the end. However, all sports fans love to be entertained and inspired by the athletes, coaches, or any ordinary people that end up being the hero, achieving their goals after a lot of hard work.

Talking about the disciplines, boxing is the most popular sport in Hollywood movies, followed by Baseball and American Football

The following are the top 5 Box Office highest-grossing sports movies of all time (source UMR).

5 . Jerry Maguire (1996) 🏈

🎟️ $282.60 M 


4. Heaven Can Wait (1978) 🏈

🎟️ $283.40 M 



3. Rocky IV (1985) 🥊

🎟️ $292.30 M


2. Rocky III (1982) 🥊

🎟️ $342.70 M


1. Rocky (1976) 🥊

🎟️ $446.60 M


Although if we leave aside box office receipts, there are many other films that have gone down in the history of cinema as unforgettable. Films like Raging Bull, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, Invictus, Chariots of Fire, Million Dollar Baby, Victory, and many others, have left their mark on viewers and moviegoers in particular.

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