Top 7 LATAM Countries with Most Online Casino Users

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The LATAM online casino market is one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide in recent years. The accessibility of the internet and mobile technology are the reasons why the number of gamblers and total betting volume has skyrocketed. And the pandemic has also contributed to this. With no land-based casinos open, gamblers find an equally exciting alternative in online casinos.

Latin America is also one of the emerging markets for the betting business, managing millionaire figures. With more than 620 million inhabitants, LATAM territory is a market with a lot of potential. The technological evolution, together with the flexibility of the governments of some countries in terms of regulation, has greatly helped the growth of this market. 

However, the legality surrounding gambling varies greatly from country to country. On the positive side, new regulations are expected to come into force soon in many countries. As a result, the online gambling boom will continue to grow.

Top 𝟳 with Most Online Casino Users

From Mexico to southern Argentina and Chile, online gambling on the LATAM territory represents the second fastest growing market in the industry.

These are the top countries with the highest number of online casino users:

LATAM Top 7 Most online casino users - London Betting Shop

Most Popular Online Casino Games 

With a population of 650 million people in the LATAM region, traditional online virtual casino games bring together 266 million individual players, 41% of whom play from their mobile devices.

These are the most popular online casino games played in Latin America:

Roulette – Slots – Blackjack – Poker – Baccarat  – Craps

It is no secret that Latin Americans have a passion for sports and sports betting is becoming more and more popular among sports lovers. Another major advantage of betting online is that thanks to new country regulations, it is possible to place sports bets in other countries. 


Gambler Profile

Among all Latin American countries, and despite the variety of gamblers, the player profile tends to be almost the same. The average profile is that of a male between 25 and 40 years old, with a stable average income. The most popular types of gambling for this profile are sports betting, slot machines and poker.

Poker is especially popular among the under-30 demographic. On the other hand, people over 40 enjoy other classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette. 

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