UEFA Warns Euro 2020 Teams of Sponsorship Duties

UEFA Warns Teams of Sponsorship Duties - London Betting Shop lbsbet.com

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European football’s governing body UEFA has warned Euro 2020 teams of their contractual duties to tournament sponsorship. The warning comes after the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture at a Euro 2020 press conference, when he removed bottles of Coca-Cola, replacing them with a bottle of water.

It was in Budapest, at the press conference before Portugal vs Hungary match. The player sat down, withdrawing two Coca-Cola bottles. Instead, he held up a bottle of water and said: “agua” (water in Portuguese).

CR Set Precedents 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s act caused social media to blow up, setting the precedent for other similar acts, which soon followed.

A day later, French midfielder Paul Pogba did the same. The Muslim player pulled out a bottle of Heineken beer in front of him when in the conference room, after the match France vs Germany. But he left the Coca-Cola bottles in their place.

And so did the Italian midfielder Manuel Locatelli, after Italy vs Switzerland match. When sitting down in the press conference, he also pushed the Coca-Cola bottles aside, placing a bottle of water in front of him.


UEFA´s Warning

Martin Kallen, UEFA’s Euro 2020 tournament director, said the main problem had been Ronaldo’s action, although there was an understanding if players did it for religious reasons.

He also confirmed to the press that the contractual sponsorship duties were part of the tournament regulations signed by the national federations.

UEFA has taken no disciplinary action over these incidents so far, and Kallen said that any sanctions would be a matter for the federations. In any case, UEFA will not fine the players directly, but through the participating national association.

However, UEFA does not exclude punishments if there are further cases in which sponsorship duties are not taken into account.

“We have regulations signed by the participating federations. We have reminded them of their obligations but of course, this (to fine) is always a possibility,” Kallen stated.

After Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture at the Euro 2020 press conference, at the same time, the soft drinks giant lost $4 billion in market value.

Coincidence or consequence?

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