What is Mayweather Doing on the Wing of his Jet?

What is Mayweather Doing on the Wing of his Jet? - London betting Shop lbsbet.com

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Two days ago Floyd Mayweather shared a snapshot on Instagram sitting on the wing of his private jet with the message: ”When you live this lifestyle, you just wing it.”. And he did that after pocketing $100million earned in his recent exhibition fight with YouTuber Logan Paul early in June 2021.

A Very Lucrative Fight  

As expected, Mayweather dominated the fight, which after 8 rounds, and as there were no judges, ended in a draw.

However, it was an event organized only to generate money, a fact that the former boxer had already anticipated, calling it “a legalized bank robbery”, as he himself pocketed the lucrative amount of $100 million. Only for displaying advertising on his trousers, he earned $30 million. His nickname is Money for a reason.

After receiving his $100 M big payday, he easily declared to his haters: “I’m the only person that can do a fake fight and get $100 M. I could do legalized sparring and get $100 M.”


The Luxury $50million Jet

The 44 years American boxer declared himself was already a billionaire of $1.2. This allows him to own the $50million-valued luxury jet that can take him to any destination anywhere in the world. That is why he has spent a lot of money to make sure his frequent travels are as comfortable as possible.

The jet is a Gulfstream G650 named Air Mayweather and is equipped with stunning interior features. Luxurious leather seats and other oddities, like a big bed for him to rest, or even the chance to have a masseuse on board. In addition, every two minutes, fresh air is pumped into the aircraft.

There is everything on board to enjoy an entertained journey.

Money ended his boxing career in 2017, after his last victory in Las Vegas against UFC star Conor McGregor. His record was 50-0.

What do you think will be the next show of this money machine? Maybe a live fight during his flight?

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