What is TEASERS betting?

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In this article, we will explain what is Teasers betting and how you can bet.

The TEASER bet is aimed at American football and basketball and consists on giving an advantage in points to both the favorite and the non favorite team in order to increase the chances of winning the bet by decreasing the profit margin. The minimum is two bets.

A teaser is a special multiple betting combination from at least two to ten bets in which the player has the chance to effectively buy points, in a group of 2 to 6 teams where they are added to the lines or totals in the most convenient way for the player. The bet consists of giving an advantage in points to the favorite team, as well as to the non-favorite team, with the purpose of increasing the possibilities of winning the bet, reducing the margin of gain. In the same way, you can raise or lower a total to increase the probabilities of the high or low, remembering that the payout will be lower the more movement there is in the line in your favor.


Both bets must win, however, if only one bet pushes in a teaser, usually the entire bet is declared a push. This means that it is possible to bet a four-team teaser, lose the first three games, and still have a shot (albeit small) of getting your original stake back, if the last leg lands exactly on the number you originally bet.

A standard teaser offers seven points on football spreads and five points on totals. The odds can vary but are usually no better than -120 for a two-team teaser. In London Betting Shop we are offering till 8 team teasers and allowing 10 points to be added to your team.

The payoff on a teaser bet depends on the sport, the number of teams used and the points adjusted, and all the legs of the bet must be correct to clear the payoff. If only one of the legs loses the teaser is graded as a loss. If a game of the teaser bet is postponed, canceled, or ends in a draw, the teaser will be evaluated according to the remaining games in the teaser that are still valid.

Let’s take an example:

A teaser involves at least two teams (or totals), and it adds points to each team (or total). Normally 7 points for sides, and 5 points for totals. If the favorite team of a football match is expected to win with a difference of 8.5 points, a teaser bet can be used to mark that the team will win with a smaller point difference, i.e. if we choose a five-point teaser, these are subtracted from the 8.5, so the final bet would be that the favorite team will win by more than 3.5 points if the team wins with more than this difference, more affordable than the initial 8.5, the teaser bet is a winner.

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