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Who will win Euro 2021? Bet on the Champion - London Betting Shop lbsbet.com

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After two big champion favorites like France and Germany eliminated from Euro 2021, the 8 teams qualified for the quarter-finals are already defined. The clashes will take place this Friday and Saturday, and some overlap with the quarter-final matches of the Copa America. It’s going to be an explosive weekend for football fans who can already bet on the next Euro 2021 champion.

National teams of Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Ukraine are the ones advancing to the quarter-finals, and teams are already warming up for the most exciting final stages of the championship.

Quarter final Clashes

The Favorites


Spain and England are the two main favorites to win the Euro 2021.

The Spanish selection is a usual favorite of the Euro cup, having won the Euro 3 times (1964, 2008 and 2012). 

As for England this could be its first-ever European Championship. They will be lucky if they advance to the last stage, since they would play a semifinal and potential final at their home field of Wembley Stadium.

Close behind, however, are Italy, another potential candidate that can not be ignored.


Portugal, France, and Germany, with 1, 2, and 3 Euro cups won respectively, were among the favorites. Now with them out of the competition, the stronger classified have more chances to lift the trophy.

Betting Odds

All predictions point to Spain as the winners of Euro 2021, and their qualification to the semi-finals is almost certain.

According to the sportsbooks, there’s also a good chance that the cup can go to England, and fans are eager to see their national team win its first-ever European Championship.

So a final with many possibilities could be England vs Spain. What do you think?

But for now we can only wait for the weekend to see who will be the lucky ones who will advance to the next semi-final stage.

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