The Wittiest Mascots Names in the NFL

The Wittiest Mascot Names in the NFL - London Betting Shop

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An NFL game day offers big goals, spectacular plays, celebrations, but also people dressed up as birds, wolves, wild horses, Vikings, and more… These are the familiar mascots, which contribute to the fun, excitement, and sense of big event at any NFL game. 

Kids and adults alike enjoy watching their favorite team’s mascot running around the stadium. Whether it’s performing a crazy stunt or starting a fan chant, there’s something captivating about seeing someone clowning around in a big, flashy costume. 

Just like the NFL players, the mascots of each franchise come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Some represent animals, some characters, having funny nicknames. But in this article, we will list the mascots with the wittiest names. Read on, discover the number 1, and have fun!


Pat the Patriot” 🏈 New England Patriots

Pat the Patriot has a name and look that fits very well for the New England Patriots’ mascot. It is inspired by the Pat the Patriot logo, used by the team from 1960 to 1992. The mascot depicts an American revolutionary, modeled on Paul Revere, the famous American historical figure.

Pat was first seen at the 1995 Pro Bowl but did not become the team’s official mascot until much later. 


Miles” 🏈 Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos mascot has a great name: Miles. The character represents a horse and is named after the famous Mile High Stadium. The name also works because Broncos can run for miles, it is easy to remember and to shout, which is great for kids.

Miles was born on 31 January 1999, when the Broncos became Super Bowl champions at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium for the second time. In 2001, Miles made his first official appearance as the Broncos mascot.



Swoop” 🏈 Philadelphia Eagles

Swoop the eagle has won over Philadelphia Eagles fans becoming one of the NFL‘ s most popular mascots. His name “Swoop” fits perfectly because he is known for his acrobatic stunts during Eagles games. He ziplines across Lincoln Financial Field and parachuting into the stadium.

Swoop was born in Neshaminy State Park. He was a bald eagle with poor eyesight and strength, but with a “strong and true” heart. He acquired his humanoid appearance and size after an Eagles fan gave him a jersey that enhanced his strength and vision.


Boltman” 🏈 Los Angeles Chargers

The former San Diego Chargers have an extremely cute “good boy”, called Boltman. He has been the franchise’s unofficial mascot since 1995 when they disputed its first Super Bowl. At that time, the team did not have a mascot yet and a fan from California decided to do something about it. He went to an artisan mask maker who made him a mask mixing 2 faces, on the one hand, that of the main character of the film “The Mask” (starring Jim Carrey), and on the other, that of Roid Raging, the player of the San Diego Chargers. 

Boltman was born. Half a man, half a bolt, which is the symbol of the team.


Poe” 🏈 Baltimore Ravens

Poe is the name of the Baltimore Ravens mascot representing a raven. It is named after the famous worldwide local writer Edgar Allan Poe. Originally, there were three raven mascots: Edgar, Allan, and Poe. But after the 2008 NFL season, Edgar and Allan retired, leaving Poe as the only mascot. 

Poe specializes in high-fiving, dancing, and posing for selfies with Baltimore Ravens fans.

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